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Looking for Magento developers? We have been working with Magento since first releases!

eCommerce Developers who solve your Digital Dilemmas

MageDirect is a Team of eCommerce Experts who create and develop eCommerce Projects of any complexity. We provide custom services for eCommerce business & IT companies.

We believe that success in eCommerce is first and foremost the proper selection of a team of specialists for the tasks and goals of the business. They need to understand your business processes and have the relevant set of skills for your projects.

Our core team consists of experienced engineers, business consultants, and managers.

We allocate a micro team specifically for your project, taking into account all the features of your business and processes.

MageDirect works with clients to fully understand their needs and offer them customized solutions whether it’s a supplement of your team with a specialist for a certain period or outsourcing a turn-key project to the team of programmers.

Software that we use

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  • Woocommerce


  • Mautic


  • Akeneo


  • Shopify


  • Orocrm


  • Orocommerce


Full-Stack Services adapted for your Business

It does not matter, you are from IT Company, Startup or eCommerce sphere, your issues will be solved with a personal approach. Also, each MageDirect eCommerce developer can customize processes for your business. We know how to serve companies of the different level and size. At the result, you will get a unique business workflow customized for your company.

magento ecommerce
  • • Creating new stores
  • • Consulting. Costs optimization
  • • Building new solutions and features
  • • Designing new theme
  • • Optimization of your store
  • • Creating marketing strategy
  • • Integrating software
  • • Increasing sales
magento for IT companies
  • • Scaling your team
  • • Support your clients
  • • Optimization of your development resources
  • • Consulting
  • • Reducing development risks
  • • Providing White-Label development
  • • Help with taking new clients on board
  • • Education for your staff

Our Engagement Models

Do you want to manage our team of Dedicated eCommerce Developers or you will let us make everything instead of you? Our solutions will be proposed depending on the client’s requirements. We provide services that fit exactly your business needs. In our engagement models, you may find benefits, that are valuable for your eCommerce development workflow, whether it is outsourcing or outstaffing.

magento outsourcing
  • • Fixed Price Projects
  • • T&M Contracts
magento outstaffing service
  • • Dedicated Engineers and Managers
  • • Dedicated Marketing Specialists

Our Latest Magento 2 Projects

Why Us

We are certified eCommerce experts and our work is an art for us. For MageDirect Team, eCommerce development is not about simple coding, as this job requires a deep understanding of business and software science. It’s about the combination of complex software architecture, design and marketing in one web application.

We are not usual outsourcing company that has Magento or any other eCommerce service in its commercial proposal, we are the team of specialists that have been working with Magento since the first versions of this eCommerce platform.

We are not coding for fun, we are meeting business challenges.

Top Quality Guaranteed

Top Quality Guaranteed

Sacrificing quality over time or price is never an option for us. At MageDirect, eCommerce developers follow the best practices of software engineering to deliver stable solutions to your project.

Keeping Pace with Trends

Keeping Pace with Trends

At MageDirect, you can hire eCommerce developer, which will pursue the goal to minimize risks and make your solution a fail-free environment. To save your time and money, we apply the latest trends in the development and quality assurance.

One Stop Service

One Stop Service

MageDirect offers full stack services – from developing of the eCommerce store to implementing and ensuring excellent customer support. Also, we are specialized in SEO, internet marketing, code audit and many other services for your business.

Customer-Oriented Developers

Customer-Oriented Developers

With a clear focus on customer satisfaction, at MageDirect, we strive to provide the best eCommerce developers and solutions for your company. Our strategy is to develop a transparent relationship with the customer that will lead to a successful partnership.


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