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10 Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips for eCommerce Business


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the days, when each store, whether it is online or offline, can increase sales. We prepared tips, that will help your eCommerce shop not only to be on trend these days, but also let your customers do not forget about you in future. They will take place on November 24 and November 27 respectively, so let’s start, we have not much time!

Protect your store

First and the most important tip is protections for your eCommerce site and customers from hackers attacks. At these days the number of visitors and bank transactions increases swiftly and it is a great bait for hackers. Do not know how to secure your eCommerce store? Read our article with Magento Security tips.

Prepare your inventory and warehouse

Before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can’t predict a number of customers and their purchases. That is why you should be ready to sell a large part of products. Be sure that all sizes and colours are in stock because you have a great chance to sell all of them.

Prepare the design of your eCommerce store

Great practice for increasing sales is a thematic design. Whether it is Christmas, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day or any else. Just let your customers remember the holiday and the sales, that will wait for them. It may be a new design of your homepage or adding special edition of your products. Be creative!

Analyze number of managers

Plenty of eCommerce stores will use Cyber Monday for increasing sales. That is why response time is highly important for holding your customers. Be sure that your team is ready for high load and clients will not wait for consultations for a long time. Don’t let competitors take away your customers!

Do not forget about social media

Your subscribers in different social media is an army of fans, that can help you to make marketing campaigns. For example, organize contests to the Cyber Monday and Black Friday with using your hashtags and reposts. What can be easier for eCommerce merchants?

Offer exclusive discounts

The next one in the list of Cyber Monday and Black Friday tips is discounts for certain categories. For example, if you have a fashion eCommerce store, you can make special discounts for baby clothes. When parents are looking for clothes for their children, they may also take a look and buy something for themselves. And do not forget to write about this sale at all your social accounts!

Connect with other businesses

It is a great solution for increasing sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For example, if you sell clothes, you can connect with a shoe eCommerce store. You may propose sales like “Buy a dress in our shop and the pair of sandals in our friend’s store and get 30% off discount”. In addition, it is a free advertisement for your business.

Gift cards and bonuses

Want to have a high level of sales not only on holiday, but also during a year? Gift cards, bonuses and certificates is a solution for you. With each purchase during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you may propose certificates with a discount for the next buying. This not difficult option will increase the number of regular customers.

Use Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the easiest way to let your customers always remember about your eCommerce store and to announce Cyber Monday discounts. Create Email Marketing company for all your regular customers. Also, you can alert them that products in their wishlists have a discount. Just do not forget about promo codes for discounts in these emails and thematic picture for attracting attention.

Start Earlier

Why do not start selling earlier? This tip let you attract more customers. At minimum, you can provide sales on Black Friday to Cyber Monday. At maximum, it will be a week of sales. Just think about it. It definitely will not reduce sales.

As you can see, there are plenty of Cyber Monday tips and ways for increasing number of your eCommerce business fans. Need Magento consulting, have some other ideas regarding improving your online store or want to implement these ones? Just contact us, and we will provide eCommerce web development with following of all your business goals!

Alexandra Soloviova

Alexandra SoloviovaBusiness Development Manager

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