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9 Reasons to Make your Magento Site a PWA


What are the advantageous reasons for making a Magento site a PWA? Is it worth it?  Actually, what do we know about competitive technology? In this blog post, we are going to highlight the solid benefits of PWA’s and its influence on the online business’ success. Let’s dive into it!

The Next Level in the Digital World

PWA’s are the considerable development in mobile friendliness. It superbly interacts with customers as a native app but has simplified requirements as a technology. To use an app, a site’s visitor has just to click a button and add it to the device’s screen. The solution automatically adjusts to the right screen size guaranteeing great compatibility with any gadget.


But how can it skyrocket your mobile conversions? It’s time to sift it:

1. The new tendency over traditional apps

Having heard about PWA’s, many people wonder why do we need this if we already have native mobile applications. The point is that new technology is considered to be more reliable and beneficial for both online store owners and customers.

The first ones are glad to pay less for the designing comparing with alternative mobile solutions but still get a robust option. Speaking about clients, they are highly satisfied with excellent load time, the reliable ability to browse the site offline, and no need to install an app.

It should be noted that many specialists foresee that PWA’s will probably replace mobile apps with time. So, the development that might become unparalleled solution is worth considering.

2. No extra charges

PWA launching is significantly simplified because a developer doesn’t depend on outside organizations. So, forget about extra payment for placing an app in Apple App Store, Windows Phone Store, Google Play, BlackBerry App World, etc. No license requirements and unpredictable moderator’s feedback.


3. Low implementation cost

Among alternative mobile apps, it is probably on the most beneficial solutions when it comes to pricing. On average, its development cost is lower than only responsive design and traditional mobile applications.

4. A minimum of resources is required

Unlike traditional mobile applications, the progressive ones need not so much phone memory. In fact, you download only a website’s pages but not the complete program.

5. Offline access

The site is cached due to the latest technologies that are built in modern browsers. Service worker caches data when a user is online. Thus, it allows customers to view products without the Internet. If a client places an order offline, it is checked and confirmed when the connection is established.

Man shopping online

6. Excellent speed of a website

Of course, modern people have got accustomed to the accelerated pace of daily routine. Everyone strives to save the time and nobody will wait if your store operates slowly. So, please your clients with an online shop that loads with lighting speed.

7. Alert your customers

PWA’s notifications are the same than in native ones. So, inform your Magento store clients about sales, new arrivals, and abandoned shopping cart. It is an easy way to motivate them to come back to your online store.

goldfish in cart – e-commerce concept

8. Google’s approval

It is known that the world’s most popular search system awards websites for being mobile friendly. Google simply raises the marketplace is search engine ranking. And this is great for your store.

9. The result for your online business

Although PWA’s are very similar to mobile apps, it is considered to be more profitable and convenient. The new technology attracts people who might become the customers of your Magento store in the future.



As a result, you will increase your sales, enhance user’s experience, and attract new people to your Magento store. Satisfy your ever-going mobile audience with a well-performing app.

The last but not least

We suppose that every merchant who is serious about selling online realizes the significance of a robust mobile app for an online store. Nowadays, people almost never leave their smartphones. With a smart approach, you have a chance to get amazing opportunities for improving the efficiency of an online business.

If you’re interested in making site a PWA but don’t know whom to apply with this question, pay attention to the PWA Cloud. On this page, you can order app’s development and installation. Just send a request with a short explanation of what you want to see in your future Progressive Web Application and let the developers do their work. Also if you are interested in how to implement SEO in Magento site or have other questions, contact us or read more articles on our site. 

We hope that this blog post about PWA will help you to improve your Magento site. Don’t be afraid to try new technologies as it may turn into an impressive effect.

Anastasia Sydorchenko

Anastasia SydorchenkoSoftware Expert

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