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Be sure to test Akeneo Demo before selecting this CMS as a platform for eСommerce business. Remember that besides the system’s abilities, price and reviews it’s important to consider how easy to use an admin panel. High understandability is essential for not very tech-savvy merchants who just get started with store’s managing.

In this Akeneo Demo version, you have a chance to try any function, just write and click on anything you want. The data you insert will be automatically deleted through some time.  

So, let’s jump into every part of the website’s to discover the functionality of the standout system together.  

If you stuck with any questions related to the Demo, feel free to ask us whenever you’re interested in.



Backend Akeneo Demo

login: admin
pass: admin

Demo data


The first thing that amazes in Akeneo admin panel is subtle and easy on eye design. Indeed, the CMS is extremely pleasant to work with.

The dashboard gives merchants different kinds of data. For example, here you can check diagrams of completeness over channels and locales (Mobile, Print and eCommerce ones), last operations and notifications.

Process tracker lists all user’s actions performed in the admin panel.

In the upper right corner, the icon of the admin account is placed, so you may go there to manage it.



All the products with profound information are kept on this Akeneo Page. View goods in two ways: list or gallery.

Advanced search on label or identifier allows finding the needed products quickly.

If you want to edit a good, just click on it and enjoy the versatile settings. In addition, the editing page shows the status of completeness for each language.

And of course, you can readily add a new commodity there, too.



Control the imports profiles there. Actually, its creating and managing is not complicated. CSV and XLSX formats are supported.



The page provides you with a list of exports profiles. Akeneo gives you enhanced editing tools to export profile in CSV and XLSX, which will be held on a server. Then, you’ll be able to download an archive or file.



Deal with almost everything that relates to online trading on the Settings page, including:

  • Attribute groups
  • Categories
  • Families
  • Group types
  • Groups
  • Association types
  • Currencies
  • Locales
  • Channels


Get all the System information there and deal with some system’s settings:

  • edit System configuration (Localization, Notifications, Loading messages);
  • create an API connection.

Users Management Navigation piece allows you to browse Users, Groups, and Roles. The adding a new one is not difficult, too.


Akeneo Help Center

After all, particular attention should be paid to Akeneo Help Center where the detailed documentation is collected in free access. Use search to find the problem you face with and enjoy explanations written in an easy manner.

To reach the service, tap Help in the lower left corner. In addition, you may read articles for beginners, where specialists expound the basic knowledge needed to use Akeneo.


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