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Black Friday sale in eCommerce: stand aback of these 9 pitfalls

Black Friday sale is a golden time when purchasers turn into reckless shopaholics. They are driven by fantastic discounts and beneficial Black Friday deals that online stores provide. During the sales season, people afford to buy something they have been dreaming about but for a reasonable price.

Last year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in America broke the record. The result was impressive: retailers gained $2.74 and $3.07 billion respectively. Therefore, online & offline store owners are getting ready to the event very thoroughly as they have a chance to skyrocket sales. But for many shops, the Big Day becomes a catastrophe. The reason for the failure is rude eCommerce blunders that should be avoided. So, keep reading this blog post to get over-prepared to Black Friday sale.


Consider these 9 points that might spoil customers’ Black Friday mood:

1. Poor site capabilities. It is a time when online stores are overloaded with heavy traffic. Some merchants suppose that their system will stand many visitors. They do nothing to make it more robust and, as a result, get their store dead. So, Black Friday sales won’t finish well with poor site capabilities. We recommend preparing your shop to handle all the traffic.

2. No mobile app or a weak one. In the age of smartphones that are glued to their owners’ hands 24/7, having an eCommerce mobile application is a necessity. A high percentage of users prefer ordering goods via a smartphone, so make sure that the mobile app of your store is ready to get a significant overload. Build an easy-to-navigate & smooth working solution that will bring immaculate user experience to people during the sales season.

3. A store is not secured. Sometimes the lack of a small lock image or HTTPS indicator makes visitors leave the website. If you care about customers’ data protection, make sure to secure your online store. Otherwise, you might lose many Black Friday deals.

4. Visitors are not informed about sales. Provide visualization: create a banner to recall clients about Black Friday sales or add the beneficial products to the main page. This way, people will immediately see all appealing discounts. Don’t forget to notify users about sales in your store before the sale day. To do this, send them emails or app notifications.

5. Price cheating. Now we are going to talk about the most forbidden eCommerce hack. Before Black Friday, some retailers increase prices and during the sale season turn it back to its initial cost. People who fall into this trap, buy products supposing that they get a fantastic discount. Apparently, when customers reveal the truth, the shop receives the worst reputation.

6. Poor quality customer service. Be ready that during Black Friday shopping people need assistant’s consultation more than ever. Users don’t stop calling and sending messages when they want to get details about products, pricing or shipping. So, prepare your operators to a high overload.

But there’s an excellent solution: why don’t you integrate a chatbot? A smart eCommerce chatbot will ease merchants routine by answering repetitive clients’ questions. Consider adding this function while there’s time to the last November Friday.


7. Not offering complimentary options. In times of discounts, people are thoughtlessly buying goods they weren’t going to purchase. If you want to get more sales, offer to browse complimentary items to your customers. For example, if someone buys a gadget, show them extra accessories. It will draw people’s attention.

8. Too many questions. Bear in mind that customers are always busy. They might look for a needed product for hours, but they want to finish the ordering process as soon as possible. Therefore, eCommerce experts advise removing required registration on the site and reducing the amount of information requested while placing an order.

9. Don’t say goodbye to clients who abandon shopping carts. Black Friday sale drives people crazy making them buy items they don’t need. Having filled a shopping cart, experienced shopaholics take time to think over their decisions one more time. While people are in doubts, heat up their interest by sending an email with encouraging to continue shopping. In many cases, it has a positive effect: customers return to shopping.


Bear in mind that Black Friday sale is an excellent chance way to please customers with affordable prices and gain profit at the same time. Be sure to get on the right track from the very beginning and avoid the faults we have listed in this article.

Anastasia Sydorchenko

Anastasia SydorchenkoSoftware Expert

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