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Chase Paymentech Extension Launch


Today we are going to present you the Chase Paymentech Extension developed by the MageDirect developers for your Magento online store. So, if you’re looking for a simple and reliable solution for your marketplace, stay here to get more information.

Brief Review

To start with, Chase Paymentech is a reliable electronic payment gateway that can be easily integrated with a marketplace of any size. The system automates accepting credit card payments, including plenty of options (digital, credit, debit, gift cards, mobile payment options, etc.)

More than 130 currencies are available, so the platform is widely used in many countries around the world. Moreover, having chosen the service, you get great benefits like business analytics, profound fraud protection, and various options for data protection.

Benefits of the Module

  • Multi-currency. The Chase Paymentech allows paying in different currencies that is very important for an international online business.
  • Base order operations supported: Authorize Only, Authorize and Capture, Cancel, Void, Refund (Full refunds only. No partial refunds supported. You can use Chase Virtual Terminal for partial refunds).
  • Developed for the following Magento community editions: —
  • Meets the Magento coding standards.
  • Process refunds can be easily implemented from the store’s admin panel or order management page.
  • Testing is included. Try the extension for reliability and usability.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Get upgrades & improvements.
  • 10-day money back guarantee. If our Chase Paymentech Extension doesn’t serve your needs, we will return the money.
  • Dedicated MageDirect support. We are always ready to assist you and consult on any question.

Our team will be pleased and sincerely grateful if you choose the Chase Paymentech Module. Install the extension to automate the process of accepting payments online and enjoy the high-level services provided. We will help your business run better!

You can purchase this module in our store:

Anastasia Sydorchenko

Anastasia SydorchenkoSoftware Expert

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