Magento Website Audit

Our Magento Website Audit is aimed at finding the following problems:

  • The speed of your Magento site is low.
  • Problems with site stability, your site is often crashing.
  • Problems with security, your site can be hacked. There is a threat that the data will be stolen.
  • Magento theme is not designed correctly. A customer is not happy with the interface, feel uncomfortable when working with your store.
  • Some Magento modules do not work consistently.
  • You want to upgrade your site to Magento 2, and want to understand whether you can keep all the current business logic of your site.
  • Attendance on your Magento site is unsatisfactory. Your SEO can be better.


Our strengths. Why should you choose us?

technical audit

Technical audit is conducted by certified specialists who have extensive experience in the commercial segment.

SEO audit

SEO and Marketing Audit is making by specialists who have Google Certificates.

Magento certified

We have been working with Magento for a long time. Even the company’s directors are Magento Certified developers.

experience in different countries

Experience of work with different countries: USA, Europe, New Zealand and others.

Type of Audits

To improve your sales, we suggest investigating your site from all sides. Because success in eCommerce is a set of many characteristics that all in total affect sales, isn’t it?

Therefore, we divide the Magento website audits into categories, and we can make each audit separately:

Code Audit

Code audit

This audit allows you to verify your site for compliance:

  • Coding Standards
  • Following the Right Magento Architecture

What will give the implementation of recommendations from this audit:

  • reduce the number of errors
  • getting rid of deprecated code and avoiding fatal errors in the future
  • the increase of productivity
  • the code will become user-friendly, developers will spend less time fixing bugs or modifying new features

Security Audit

security audit

The goal of this Magento audit:

  • find all the potential security problems of the site
  • detecting patches that are needed to be installing
  • development of security solutions

What will give the implementation of recommendations from this audit:

  • more stable state of the project before the break-in
  • protect your customers from possible issues, for example, theft of their personal data and, as a result, increase their loyalty to your site.

Performance audit

performance audit

The purpose of this Magento Website audit is trivial – to make your site as quickly as possible:

What will give the implementation of recommendations from this audit:

  • visitors will be satisfied with the speed of your site
  • increase conversions
  • better SEO results

SEO Audit

SEO audit

This one aims to improve Search Engine Optimization for your store. This is a comprehensive audit, which identifies problems in about 200 ranking factors.

You will receive comprehensive data about the status of your SEO and a set of instructions for improvement.

Marketing Campaign Audit

Marketing Campaign Audit

Sales are directly related to your Digital Marketing. This audit is aimed to study all your problems in:

  • advertising companies
  • SMM
  • digital content strategies

As a result, you will receive a list of actions to improve the marketing of your company.

Design / UX Adult

design audit

The purpose of this audit is to make your website as convenient for customers as possible. As they say, the ideal interface is one that does not need to be explained. Because it must be intuitive and only facilitate purchases.

What will be after the audit?

All recommendations in the Magento audit are real instructions for implementation. You can order work to improve your project with us or with any other specialists.

Each report consists of clear recommendations, which will be understood by any expert, sufficiently experienced in his field.

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Want to check whether everything is correct on your website? Just choose audits from the above list, contact us, and we will make a detailed investigation of your Magento Website! We will give a reply within 24 business hours.