Dedicated magento developers

Experienced Dedicated Magento Developers from Ukraine

Do you need highly experienced magento developers but don’t want to hire in-house?

Do you need highly experienced Magento developers but don’t want to hire in-house?

Tired of Hiring Freelancers

Tired of Hiring Freelancers
and Getting Nothing Done?

Hard to find quality staff especially for Magento Projects?

Hard to find quality staff especially for Magento Projects?


Do you need to expand
your team right now?

we have solution for you

High-quality outstaffing especially for Magento projects

Custom model of hiring

Custom model of hiring

We build team especially for your business needs

Providing support staff

Providing support staff

(accountants, HR, office managers, etc)

We control education of specialist

We control education of specialist

Members of our team improve their skills every
day and certify their knowledge

Fast allocation of professionals

Fast allocation of professionals

We are doing our best
to make our recruitment
process faster

Free recruitment

Free recruitment

A professional selection
process spearheaded by our experienced HR
professionals and recruiters


Taking care of all aspects of your team’s
professional life

Payroll, taxation, insurance, ongoing education

What we can do

What makes our outstaffing different

magento developers Ukraine

IT specialists from Ukraine

We work with highly-skilled and reliable developers from Ukraine. Some facts about Ukraine:

  • A-class Software Engineers
  • Cultural and geographical closeness
  • High quality/price ratio
  • High level of English
  • One of the biggest Magento communities in the world
  • The main development center of Magento is located in the capital of Ukraine
Key benefits

Key benefits

We do our best to be a reliable partner for your business. Our main benefits:

  • Fail-safe & transparent work process
  • Cancelling agreement at any time with the 7-days’ notice
  • Professional Project Collaboration in Slack and JIRA
  • Daily reporting via different channels of your choice (email, chat, phone, Skype)
  • Applying effective management processes
  • Possibility to request Magento Certified Developers
Custom work models

Custom work models

Aiming to meet the needs of your business and comply with company processes, we can offer the following custom work models:

  • Taking full control of project development.
  • Developing a custom workflow that implies sharing responsibilities. For example, we can take care of Code Review and QA while you can control project management.
  • Providing fast allocation of human resources while you fully control product development.
Our thoughtful hiring

Our thoughtful hiring

What makes different  our recruitment process:

  • We cooperate with the network of recruiting specialists in Ukraine and provide both technical experience and fast human recruiting.
  • We are a highly-qualified team and we choose professionals who are dedicated to the same standards as we are.
  • We have an excellent understanding what every Magento developer should know to fit your specific business needs.

We can offer you

magento developers
Tech leads
magento 2
full stack

How it works

Analysis & Screening

Analysis of needs together with MageDirect. We will suggest candidates within 2 weeks.

Evaluation of candidates

Together we interview and perform technical tests with selected candidates, and then move forward based on your choice.

Analysis & Screening
Trial period
Evaluation of candidates
Long term engagement

Trial period

We start up a trial period to try out your team and the cooperation in practice.

Long-term engagement

Initiate a long-term engagement with your team. We will be ready to scale and make adjustments based on your needs.

We will configure team right for your business needsCustom work models

Separate Magento Developer

Separate middle and senior developers who will be
controlled by the project manager.

Magento Developer + QA Combo

This model will be interesting to you if you hire maximum 2 developers and you want to have well-tested results every day.

Separate QA engineer

Separate middle and senior developers who will be controlled by the project manager. Good Solution if you need more then 2 developers and daily QA work

Full team

Hiring a complete team will give you many advantages. Some of them:

  • There is no need to manage the performance of each developer
  • The whole work is managed by the team leader
  • Team leader has deep knowledge and wide experience in work with developers and client

Basic Development Workflow

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