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eCommerce Trends 2018

ecommerce trends 2018

Which eCommerce trends do you follow? Every year tendencies updates and it is necessary to know basic of trends for being aware of competitors. Setting up or developing a winning eCommerce website means having forward thinking or planning your strategy beforehand. Those retailers are considered to be the most successful, who are following trends in eCommerce, both offline and on. However, it turns out that having only targeting and the ready-to-buy audience is not enough, as it also requires solid data and statistics on your customers. In order to raise the bar, retailers have to bear in mind those vital eCommerce rules as well as keep up with up-to-date trends. Conducting such high-level research is costly and heavy on time. That is why we have tried to prevent the list of top eCommerce trends! Below you will find 6 main eCommerce trends which will follow us in 2018. Are you excited to know all of them?!

Say HI to Chatbots!

As it is usual for us to use Siri to know recent world’s news, it will be usual soon to expect the same from Google or some online shop whenever you need to know if your size of the shoes is available. The 2018 year will be associated with full acceptance of chatbots. Let’s say, you receive roughly 400 messages every day regardless how to order through Facebook. Having chatbot, which can immediately answer this typical question, has obvious advantages unlike having to employ several Support Managers who will respond only to these messages all day long. We are sure that chatbots will be at the top of eCommerce trends over the years.

Overall, Chatbot is the AI-led automated messenger that provides your clients with flash reports. Moreover, it can find out what the customer is looking for, offer certain product line, place orders etc. The chatbot is such a useful eCommerce trend for Managers, isn’t it?

Dynamical apps, we have been waiting for you for so long! 

Have you ever wondered how you will look with this or that coat having found it online? Or have you ever hesitated whether this tone of eyelashes works the best for you? One of the mobile eCommerce trends in 2018 will be saving you with the help of apps which interact with a potential client helping to try makeup or cloth. Right, such apps scan customers face, figure and offer to try on different looks in real time! Mobile eCommerce trends are great helpers for showing you a bright example, just open Makeup Genius by L’Oréal Paris. With the help of this brand-new technologies, customers will be absolutely confident that this product will suit them ideally.

Say YES to digital payments!

Next point of the list of eCommerce trends 2018 is developing in this year. The popularity of contactless payments is witnessed nowadays – there is no need to take out a credit card to finish online payment, as everything it requires is fingerprint or online pin number. It is interesting that exactly Starbucks was a pioneer in digital payments. Roughly a quarter of all Starbucks’ customers are paying using the app. As a result, it generated a 12% rise in the revenue. In other words, the achievement of this app along with a need to deliver personalization will lead to the popularity of loyalty and digital payment. It is also one of the mobile eCommerce trends. We suppose that in 2018 digital payments option will be such a popular trend.

Stay personalized!

As to plenty of competitors, you can’t become a leader without knowledge of personalized eCommerce trends. With an increasing amount of available data, retailers are able to show the right product to the right person. Companies who have already understood the key idea started to collect information on the customer’s age, the products he buys, etc. These rules are extremely important while building difference between competitors and lowering cart abandonment rate.

Using Drones for delivery

Drone delivery should be at the top of eCommerce trends for the future years. It should not be a farfetched idea as it is expected to have the rise of local drop-off points for online orders. What’s more, it is stated that consumers are ready to pay more for the same way delivery. One of the weak sides of the online delivery was exactly the process of delivery and returns. So, steps towards solving this issue have been already taken and the world is waiting for the day to make these processes faster and easier.

Time to forget Black Friday!

Three main shopping events are happening in November, namely Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Take a look at our previous post about 10 Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips for eCommerce business. These eCommerce trends are gaining popularity all over the world. It`s likely that these holidays will eventually merge into one shopping discount month and no one will argue, right?!

eCommerce is one of those few rapidly growing areas which has to react quickly to the up-to-the-minute trends. Those who are in power of developing online webshop should pay more attention towards these six eCommerce trends. MageDirect Team try to know all the tendencies because we provide not only eCommerce web development services, we are eCommerce specialists with knowledge of clients’ business needs!

Alexandra Soloviova

Alexandra SoloviovaBusiness Development Manager

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