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Want to have a successful eCommerce store? The basic option is using eCommerce Software, that can improve your sales and make the management easier. It is so difficult to choose the best eCommerce Software, that will fit exactly your business needs.

As we have a large experience integrations (Our expertise includes Magento Integrations), we would like to tell you in greater details about each software, with which we can improve your eCommerce store.


List of Software

We have a large experience in working with software, that can improve eCommerce store. Whether you are interested in customization, development of plugin or integration with another platform, we are ready to help you. Here is the list of the most popular software, read about their features.


Akeneo PIM

Akeneo, the Product Information Management software, is a solution, that helps you to manage data about products: Media files, Technical data, Marketing and Users data. We can make an integration between Magento and Akeneo, just provide information about options that we need to add.



OroCRM is an open-source Customer Relationship Management system, that is great for pre-sales and marketing. Now it is easy to manage clients with a help of OroCRM. We can integrate it with your eCommerce store and it will be much easier to control the purchases.



It is an eCommerce platform, that can be customized to fit B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, or B2B & B2C commerce needs. It includes integration with OroCRM and other marketing tools. We know how to use the benefits of this platform for improving your business.



Shopify is an eCommerce platform, that integrates more than 70 payment gateways with checkouts in more than 50 languages, which makes it easy to sell products to customers anywhere in the world. We understand how it works and how it can be useful for the eCommerce business.



Mautic is an open-source marketing automation software, that is fully customizable and can be used for various email marketing campaigns. We have a solution Magento + Mautic Integration, that you can download from our GitHub. Need some personalization? Just let us know.



Odoo is an open-source system, that combines ERP and CRM systems. It can be also used for billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse- and project management, and inventory.

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Whether you prefer integration with eCommerce Software from the list above or any other, please contact us and we would be glad to discuss the details, to recommend software, that will be perfect for your requirements.

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