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Magento Checkout Page Customization

If you need a custom magento checkout for the unique processes and logic of your Magento stores, we can offer you to develop it specially for you.

Checkout Pages that we created

The main features

Checkout is one of the most important parts of the store. It significantly affects the number of sales. The main features of a convenient and high conversion checkout:

  • The User Interface is designed so that the user does not need to understand your interface, everything is intuitively clear
  • Checkout is safe and has several degrees of protection against theft of user data
  • Checkout is quick to use
  • Convenient way to check for mobile devices
  • Checkout allows you to convert leads into clients. There are forms of capture of the personal data of the guest
  • There is a sufficient choice of methods of payment and delivery
  • Convenient delivery calculation
  • The opportunity to contact customer service directly at the time of placing an order

Sometimes ready-made modules do not contain all the functionality you need. Therefore, there is a question about designing and developing your own Magento checkout or customizing an existing one.

What we can do for you

what we can do for you

Our team has experience in creating unique Magento checkouts for the first and second versions of Magento. We can do for you:

  • Magento one step checkout
  • Customize your current checkout
  • Add new step
  • Optimize checkout for desktop or mobile
  • Add ajax features
  • Check the security of your checkout

Why you should choose us

  • The code meets the standards of Magento
  • Professional User Interface design for checkout
  • Integration with any payment system
  • High degree of protection against theft of data
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