Magento Integration for any software

Integration for any software


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Fast implementation due to ready solutions

Fast implementation due to ready solutions

The modern eCommerce ecosystem consists of many services and programs. Each platform or software has its advantages, and therefore it makes sense to do your business process in the program, that complete tasks assigned to it in the best way.

Magento Integration Services

Large eCommerce giants use more than 30 various services, which are integrated together. It includes programs beginning with payment transactions and ending with security systems.

Your Magento store is the center point by which you can make sales, but, in addition, you may need:

  • a separate CRM system for managing clients
  • integration with marketplaces to scale channels of your sales
  • Marketing Automation system
  • Help Desk – for communication with customers and their requests, etc.
How MageDirect provides integration services

How we provide Magento Integration Service

At MageDirect, we haven’t done any project without some kind of third-party integration.

Especially working with eCommerce business from different countries, we have experience working with local payment methods and delivery methods. Having the current experience, it is easy for us to integrate any system with Magento.

Benefits of Magento integration

Benefits of integration

Some business platforms have the advantage in solving business tasks by other systems. They are more narrow-profile and do their job better. Therefore, it makes sense for you to delegate the implementation of these tasks specifically for this software. For example, there are many CRM systems that have a wide functionality and allow easy and safe Magento integration.

Another advantage is the decentralization of the software. In this way, you “distribute” tasks to different programs and can be more flexible in your business processes. This solution will allow you to easily replace some part of your system with another one.

Programs for Magento Integration

Which programs can we integrate for you

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • POS
  • CMS (Blog)
  • WMS
  • Finance Systems, etc.
Services for Magento Integration

Popular services and software

  • QuickBooks
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • OpenERP
  • Facebook
  • SAP
  • Dynamics AX
  • Navision
  • OroCRM

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