Magento CRM Integration

Magento CRM Integration

Magento CRM Integration is an excellent solution for increasing sales of each online store, especially of medium and large size. Nowadays, CRM systems propose you a wide variety of features, that can manage your customers and leads. CRM can track your potential and existing customers, increase sales and control orders. That is why we would like to propose you Magento CRM Integration and useful information, related to this service.

What is CRM

Customer Relationship Management Software is a method for management of company’s interaction with current and potential customers. It is a solution, that can include information about each purchase and provide analytics, that is also important in each business.

Benefits of CRM software

Ideally for Multiple Stores

You have several eCommerce Stores and want to integrate them with the single CRM software? It’s not a problem! You may keep data about all your customers in the joint system from a single front-end. What can be easier for the network of Magento stores?

Automatic Synchronization

No need for manual data entry, you can set up the system for the real-time Magento CRM synchronization. But if you want to add some comments or useful information to the database, it is also acceptable.

Two-ways sync

It is a beneficial option for eCommerce business. With the Magento CRM Integration, after each update on one of the systems, data will be updated automatically at the second one. That is why you shouldn’t worry that after the order data won’t be updated in CRM.

User Experience improvement

Don’t waste your time on manual analyzing your clients’ needs. Now you have Magento CRM Integration for these purposes. Also, your customers get assistance for purchases decision making. At the result, you will get more sales and satisfied clients.

Gained customer services

Thanks to such integration, you will always know about the date of the anniversary, changes in shipping address or others. All these options let improve customer services and, as a result, the reputation of your Magento Store.

Popular software

If you finally decided to integrate Magento and CRM, the next step is to choose the right system, that will meet all your requirements. We prepared a short description for five the most popular CRM systems for integration with Magento.


The most popular CRM system with high functionality. It is great for a better sales and marketing cooperation and also for customer service improvement.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Your primary goal is to provide personalized marketing campaigns for each customer? It is an excellent solution for you. Besides, you get tracking tools, that will improve your customer service thankfully to statistics and analytics.



SAP CRM also provides 360-degree view customer behavior. With this software, you will know everything about your customer habits. Also, it has additional features such as social media analysis.



It is the most popular open-source customer relationship management system that let manage sales and marketing campaigns and create business applications.

vtiger CRM


It is also open source CRM software, that is mostly used for small and medium businesses. The main benefits are abilities in customization, modification, and integration with other applications.

Want to integrate Magento with CRM? The MageDirect team will provide integration services with the highest quality, whether you prefer one of the most popular software or another one. We are ready to help you, just contact us!

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