Magento Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration

What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV in general?


To start with, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a kind of an enterprise resource planning application. It is created by Microsoft and aims at helping both small- and medium-sized enterprise and local subsidiaries of large international businesses. This assistance performs in different area such as manufacturing, finance, analytics, supply chains, management of customer relationship, electronic commerce and in many other spheres. It is important to point out that a special programming language C/AL is used for modifications of the system.

For whom this program can be really useful?

So, if you have a business, it is growing at a fast pace and you want to expand your opportunities Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you with it. It is a solution, which adapts easily to your enterprise and helps in its resource planning. Moreover, with the help of it, you can automate and connect your sales, purchasing, different operations, accounting and customer relationship management.

Challenges that will be solved

Financial management and accounting

Of course, every enterprise has from time to time various problems connected with finances and accounting. But Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you in managing your assets, cash, and banking.

Supply chain, manufacturing, and operations

Manufacturing is another important thing in all businesses. It is necessary to pay a special attention for it in order to gain success. So, thanks to this program you have an opportunity to track and control your production, terms of delivery, orders, and even vendors.

Sales and service

With the help of it, you can also perform management of your contacts, sales opportunities, and service contract. How? For example, you can create different calendars. One can be created for working and non-working days while another one may be assigned to customers, vendors, locations, companies, shipping agent services. And then it will be used for various purposes including date calculations on sales orders, purchasing, transferring or producing orders, planning worksheets, and so on.

There are a lot of other branches where Microsoft Dynamics NAV can bring you benefits, for instance:

  • project management;
  • flexible deployment;
  • business intelligence and reporting;
  • support for international currencies.

Integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Magento

Generally, there are a lot of reasons for Magento Dynamics NAV integration. First of all, you can reduce your costs which are really overhead. Because when you make Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento integrated you have an efficient sales and order management process and there isn’t any latency but only a synchronized data set. At the same time, you provide your clients with the high level of transparency and with a fast pace of performance.

To other advantages of Magento Dynamics NAV integration belong:

  • powerful pricing;
  • perfect customer service;
  • simple catalog and product browsing;
  • persistent shopping cart;
  • multiple store views and many others.

To sum it up, choose Magento Dynamics NAV integration and just benefit from it!

Magento Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration with Microservices

MageDirect integrates Magento with Microsoft Dynamics NAVusing a single microservice, designed for you, or a network of microservices.

Simple and clear:

Microservices are a network of stand-alone mini-applications that divide your business logic into small parts that are easier to develop and maintain. Single Microservice performs exactly one business function.

Microservices can interact with each other via the API. This is a modern engineering technique that allows you to be more flexible in making routine tasks, especially if you are developing an omnichannel system.


Main benefits:

  • Business logic is separated from Magento Extension
  • You will receive a standalone mini-application (microservice), which can be integrated in the future with any platform.
  • Reducing the number of development hours when creating integration with other platforms.
  • Under a microservice, it is possible to allocate the separate server (if to you, for example, it is necessary to allocate more hardware resources under calculations)
  • GDPR compliance. Additional data protection, you can mark out micro-versions on a separate server, and send API requests on a secure channel.
  • It is convenient to outsource parts of the work to different vendors.

How integration works

Technical stack:

We create a separate PHP application (microservice or microservice system) based on your technical requirements. In this application, there is a business logic that will be decomposed from Magento.For the development of microservices, particularly for Microsoft Dynamics NAVMagento Integration, we use the framework – Lumen.

Microservice is usually created with the database and the API.

On the Magento side, Magento extension is developed, which acts as an adapter, which delegates all information processing to the micro-service.

Magento Microsoft Dynamics NAVintegration extension performs the following role:

  • Receive and display data received from the microservice
  • Send data to the microservice.

How it looks


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If you want to integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Magento with the help of microservices – write to us and we will help you make your business more flexible!

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