Magento Typo3 Integration

What is it?


TYPO3 is a free and open source web content management system that has been constantly improving and developing since 1998. It is one of the most popular CMS in the world, used by such renowned organizations as Konica Minolta, Philips, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Epson, Philips, and UNICEF.  TYPO3 is a good system to use for online stores, blogs, educational portals and Internet newspapers.

TYPO3 is easy to manage even for a content-manager or any freshmen who have never been involved in programming. The site’s administrating is quite understandable and not complicated. It is a great solution for an entrepreneur who wants to run a successful online store and manage it.


In comparison with other CMS, TYPO3 has many advantages, for example:

  • It is easy to install;
  • Advanced login for users and administrators;
  • The rights are divided into administrators, editors, and users;
  • Effective content management and graphical elements;
  • There are a lot of available modules and plugins used to simplify or complement the system;
  • Quality documentation is provided


The functionality of TYPO3 is great, too. The convenient platform includes:


It is easy to use your templates for every page or element in case if it is provided with site’s design. In addition, you can regulate the location of the elements on a page, size of pictures, etc.

Full-text editor

You are provided with different functions related to the text editing: lists, tables, paragraph and title formatting; text color; pictures adding and changing; internal and external links creating.

Files management

The built-in file browser allows you to upload files to the server after which they become available in the control panel. You can post photos, video files, and other media content, documents, and archives for downloading from the site pages.

Front-end editing

You can install the external editing module in addition to the main panel to simplify visual editing. You will be able to edit the site going directly to the pages to see how they look.

Automatic creation of pages and menus

New pages or the transferred ones are immediately updated. The system automatically generates new menus and places them on the site.


Almost all elements of a control panel have a manual explaining the principles of the element’s work and its features. Moreover, a built-in user manual and help on configuration settings are available for you at any moment. Each page can be completed with your interpretation available only for the site’s administrators.

Elastic administrating system

A flexible system allows you to distribute rights between individual users and groups in the control panel. It is possible to organize registration of users on the site, login page, password-protected pages for groups and users, etc.

Magento TYPO3 integration with Microservices

MageDirect integrates Magento with TYPO3 using a single microservice, designed for you, or a network of microservices.

Simple and clear:

Microservices are a network of stand-alone mini-applications that divide your business logic into small parts that are easier to develop and maintain. Single Microservice performs exactly one business function.

Microservices can interact with each other via the API. This is a modern engineering technique that allows you to be more flexible in making routine tasks, especially if you are developing an omnichannel system.


Main benefits:

  • Business logic is separated from Magento Extension
  • You will receive a standalone mini-application (microservice), which can be integrated in the future with any platform.
  • Reducing the number of development hours when creating integration with other platforms.
  • Under a microservice, it is possible to allocate the separate server (if to you, for example, it is necessary to allocate more hardware resources under calculations)
  • GDPR compliance. Additional data protection, you can mark out micro-versions on a separate server, and send API requests on a secure channel.
  • It is convenient to outsource parts of the work to different vendors.

How integration works

Technical stack:

We create a separate PHP application (microservice or microservice system) based on your technical requirements. In this application, there is a business logic that will be decomposed from Magento.For the development of microservices, particularly for TYPO3 Magento Integration, we use the framework – Lumen.

Microservice is usually created with the database and the API.

On the Magento side, Magento extension is developed, which acts as an adapter, which delegates all information processing to the micro-service.

Magento TYPO3 integration extension performs the following role:

  • Receive and display data received from the microservice
  • Send data to the microservice.

How it looks


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If you want to integrate TYPO3 with Magento with the help of microservices – write to us and we will help you make your business more flexible!

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