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We’ve prepared an article about USPS, one of the most beneficial postal services that integrate with Magento. After reading this, you’ll know more about the enterprise’ services, delivery methods, and USPS Magento integration.

I suppose, there is no point of explaining the significance of your products delivery method. Are you looking for a reliable delivery service providing international shipping? So we recommend you to pay attention to USPS.

What is USPS?

The world-known USPS (United States Postal Service) is the largest delivery operator in America that guarantees great reliability, a wide range of delivery services and reasonable prices. The service can deliver your products in more than 180 countries around the world.

Shipping methods are divided into several types:

  • First-Class Mail International (The cheapest option for small packages with long delivery time – 15-45 days).
  • Priority Mail International (The more expensive one for packaged of different size with reduced delivery time).
  • Priority Mail Express International and Global Express Guaranteed (Fast delivery (1-10 days), tracking and ensuring).

USPS Magento integration

Every responsible online store owner strives to provide customers with the very best services. It applies to goods’ quality, site’s features, reliable payment gateways and of course, delivery.

The popular Magneto platform has plenty of built-in delivery methods, including USPS. So you can easily provide USPS Magento integration to make your business better.

Speaking of pricing, it varies according to a package size, destination country and value. You can calculate shipping costs on the official USPS website.

Magento USPS integration with Microservices

MageDirect integrates Magento with USPS using a single microservice, designed for you, or a network of microservices.

Simple and clear:

Microservices are a network of stand-alone mini-applications that divide your business logic into small parts that are easier to develop and maintain. Single Microservice performs exactly one business function.

Microservices can interact with each other via the API. This is a modern engineering technique that allows you to be more flexible in making routine tasks, especially if you are developing an omnichannel system.


Main benefits:

  • Business logic is separated from Magento Extension
  • You will receive a standalone mini-application (microservice), which can be integrated in the future with any platform.
  • Reducing the number of development hours when creating integration with other platforms.
  • Under a microservice, it is possible to allocate the separate server (if to you, for example, it is necessary to allocate more hardware resources under calculations)
  • GDPR compliance. Additional data protection, you can mark out micro-versions on a separate server, and send API requests on a secure channel.
  • It is convenient to outsource parts of the work to different vendors.

How integration works

Technical stack:

We create a separate PHP application (microservice or microservice system) based on your technical requirements. In this application, there is a business logic that will be decomposed from Magento.For the development of microservices, particularly for USPS Magento Integration, we use the framework – Lumen.

Microservice is usually created with the database and the API.

On the Magento side, Magento extension is developed, which acts as an adapter, which delegates all information processing to the micro-service.

Magento USPS integration extension performs the following role:

  • Receive and display data received from the microservice
  • Send data to the microservice.

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If you want to integrate USPS with Magento with the help of microservices – write to us and we will help you make your business more flexible!

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