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Magento Optimization may improve your store and, therefore, increase sales. Take a look at our optimization methods and contact us for this service!

Magento Speed Optimization Services

Fast website = more sales and satisfied customers

Surely, Magento Optimization will be appreciated by everyone. The performance of the web application directly affects the conversion and sales. And there are the following additional benefits from optimizing your store:

  • Increase Search Rankings
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Your team is comfortable working with the store

Our goal is to make your eCommerce shop fast and eliminate any slowdowns that irritate you.

If you still think that your store is working properly, we have a couple of questions for you:

  • How does your site cope with the load on Black Friday and other holidays, promotions?
  • Do you know exactly about the bounce rate at peak loads on your site?
  • Maybe you lose customers at sales?
Big Magento store is not slow store

Big store ≠ Slow store

Surely, there are specialists, who will recommend you to use a self-written system or to migrate to more “easy” system. All these tips have the right to exist, but are you ready to give up all the features that Magento offers you? In the Magento and PHP world, there are a lot of solutions that will allow you to optimize your site without sacrificing functionality. From our point of view, set Magento to a higher load is better, than to use the limited functionality of another platform.

How we optimize Magento store

How we optimize. Roadmap


  • Do site speed auditing
  • Do server and configuration audit
  • Carry out stress testing
  • Profiling and debugging Magento
  • Investigate issues in the third party extensions

Drawing up an optimization plan

  • We develop an optimization plan for you and indicate the estimate and cost for each stage.
  • We add recommendations and a list of actions that you can do yourself.

You choose the optimization options that fit your budget

We carry out the control testing of speed.

Methods for Magento optimization

The methods we use to optimize the site

Magento Performance Optimization is dividing into several stages in order to “swing” your store, it needs to perform work both on the server and in Magento. The list of tasks is optional. Depending on the condition of your eCommerce shop, we can perform only those actions that you need to achieve the satisfied store speed indicators.

Server side

  • Configuring and Optimizing the Database
  • Magento cache storage and session cache storage relocation
  • Nginx Installation and Configuration
  • PHP-FPM, PHP7, PHP configuration tuning
  • APC opcode cache
  • Varnish Installation and Configuration
  • Memcache installation and configuration
  • HTML Minify
  • Gzip compression

Magento side

  • Merge and cache CSS and JS Configuration
  • Defer parsing of javascript
  • Image optimization without quality loss
  • Configuration of Magento Flat Catalog, Magento Compiler, Magento Cache setup
  • Image lazy load implementation
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) setup
  • Magento block cache optimization
  • warm-up tool installation

Adding monitoring

  • adding monitoring tools for daily Magento speed monitoring
  • adding tools for website state monitoring
Tools for Magento optimization

What tools do we use in our work

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Do not wait for competitors to overtake you in speed and sales, contact us and let’s make Magento performance optimization for your store!

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