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Magento Support Veterans

You have finished the development of your store and ready to start selling. Big fish is coming! But life does not stand in the one place, and your system regularly needs small changes and improvements. Also, sometimes bugs appear and they can harm your business.

Magento Support & Maintenance Services

Stable business with new features

Magento Support provide a stable business with new features every day

An inoperative site is a loss of profit. Our team is primarily focused on solving issues once and for all and not on the endless bug fixing.

Issues must be eliminated quickly and in time. That is why in Magento Support finding a problem is 50% success. For this, we use automated testing.

Services that are included in our Magento Support

Improvements and changes

You order new improvements to the site, we accept your application, provide you with an estimate, and after your confirmation start working.


Our task is to quickly solve the issue – hotfix, and then implement a solution to fix this issue forever.

Website monitoring

The main task is to react quickly, that is why we establish a system for monitoring your site.

We use the following software:

Code audit

In the Magento technical support, it is essential to do the issue prevention before the problem occurs. We perform a detailed code audit and protect you against possible issues.


It is always important to be able to restore the site quickly. Therefore, we set up a daily backup so that your data is always protected.


New updates fix bugs and add new functionality. Therefore, we always update Magento at the same time. For us, it is important to make sure that everything is integrated and functioning as it should.

Performance Optimization

The speed of the site is one of the main criteria of a quality online store. Our team provides a comprehensive service to improve the speed of your website, more detailed information: Magento Optimization.

Security updates

Protection from hackers is important for every eCommerce store. Magento always releases updates, We will help you install a new update without issues

Magento Support process

The process of starting work

We do not advise you to cooperate with specialists who do not follow the standards and make such mistakes while customizing:

  • Make edits to core functionality (direct to core files of Magento)
  • Make the development in individual PHP files that do not follow the architecture.
  • Reinvent the bicycle from scratch, which is already in Magento.

It can harm the safety of your store, to complicate the technical support.


  • How the price is formed

    The price consists of only two components:

    the hourly rate (standard). Packages: for 40, 80, 120 and 160 hours that you may spend during 4 months

    the price for the urgency. Response time for Magento website maintenance is divided into the following categories:

    • within 3 days – no additional payments
    • within 2 days
    • within 1 day
    • within 12 hours
    • within 6 hours
    • within 2 hours

    For customers with more urgent issues, we offer SLA

  • Pre-paid hours or packages?

    We offer you both options. Our fee for the urgency of the response covers the costs of “keeping developers on alert”, so we guarantee that the support engineer will always be available for solving issues on your project.


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