Magento Upgrade & Migration

Magento Upgrade & Migration Services

Need migration to Magento, but are not sure is it possible for your current platform? No problems, our team is ready for challenges, whether it is migration from Enterprise Java Platform, an extensive complex system with C# or upgrade from the previous version.


100% Security. Your data protected by NDA

Security is on the first place for our team. We know how it is important to protect customers data, as we are also GDPR compliant.


Transfer without loosing your SEO

As we are also SEO experts, we know that positions in Google are significant for every eCommerce store. Don’t worry, all your positions will be on the right places after Magento Upgrade.


QA testing included

Our developers and QA specialists work in the one team. At the result, you will get fully ready to deploy Magento store without issues.


Careful deploy

We know how it is important to make deploy carefully. Do not worry about it. Our technical leads will deploy your migrated Magento store with an increased attention.


Support after upgrade

If you want to make some improvements after Magento Upgrade, we are here to help you!


Migration from any platform

Whether you are using now Shopify, OroCommerce, OpenCart or any another eCommerce platform, we can migrate your store to Magento.

Large experience in writing custom import scripts let us do not worry about the complexity of the migration process. We are ready to make an effort for improving your business with Magento 2! And are you ready for the more enjoyable daily work with Magento 2?


Migration directions

  • From Magento 1.x to new Magento 1.9.x version
  • From Magento 1.x to Magento 2
  • From Magento CE to Magento EE
  • From SAAS platform to Magento
  • From another CMS/Platform to Magento

What is important in the migration and upgrade process

  • Transfer the business logic and save all the data in its integrity
  • Transfer the SEO correctly and keep your positions in the search engines
  • Save all users and make a transition for them without difficulties

Should you upgrade or patch Magento 2

We advise you to investigate new opportunities that you will get from Magento 2.

Before migration to the newest Magento 2, we recommend you to make a list of what you do not like in your current store. It may be:

  • speed
  • usability
  • the speed of developing new features
  • the complexity of developing new solutions

Then, our team draws up a detailed plan for you to the ways of solving your issues, thankfully migration to Magento 2.


Benefits of Magento 2

We distinguish such basic benefits for the business:


  • More opportunities for solving complex issues


  • More security patches

Enhanced Admin Interface

  • More user-friendly and intuitive Admin panel

More options for the performance tuning.

It is easier to update and maintain the system

  • “Smart” upgrade scripts
  • You can cover your system with tests using the Magento own testing framework, etc.

More opportunities for developers

  • Magento 2 contains modern approaches to the software development, which are more efficient and faster in development.
  • Sensitive code can be covered with PHP unit tests, and secure against possible issues in the future

What does the upgrade service consist of

Our service differs from similar services because of the focus on studying the client’s business, and in some situations, we are doing a custom migration process. For example, in some situations, it will be enough to export your data in CSV format and import it into a new Magento (without doing a full migration cycle)

For the Magento migration from another platform, the complete migration process consists of the following steps:

  • Audit of the current store
  • Drawing up a list of all business logic that you want to transfer
  • Drawing up a list of data that you want to transfer
  • Selection of the solution for data migration (writing scripts or using ready-made scripts)
  • Transferring your business logic to Magento modules
  • Beta Testing 
  • Running in production
  • Live Magento Testing

For the Magento upgrade between the versions, the complete migration process consists of the following steps:

  • Audit your store
  • Drawing up a list of data that you want to migrate
  • Investigation of modules that should be upgrade
  • A selection of solutions for migration
  • Buying modules that will replace the old ones or the development new ones taking into account your up-to-date business logic
  • Transfer of design
  • Beta Testing
  • Running in production
  • Live Magento Testing

What does our migration or upgrade service include

  • Secure Migration. We guarantee that all your data will be protected.
  • We protect your SEO ranking. Before the start, we make a snapshot of all your URLs and current positions in search engines to be sure that after migration you will have the same results.
  • We allocate our QA engineer who will do 2-phase testing (beta & live testing).
  • Deploy on production under the control of specialists in the maintenance period with Back-Up Plan.
  • We provide support after migration and bug fixing.
  • We guarantee that we find a solution to migrate from any platform to Magento.
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