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Do you have a need of highly qualified staff for your business development? Tired of hiring freelancers who do not have enough experience and eventually, do not give the proper result?

The point is, we fully understand you. And we can offer a suggestion for your dilemma.

MageDirect provides all kind of Magento 2 Services because we test and hire professionals who are especially skilled for Magento projects.

Our latest Magento 2 Projects

Full-Stack Developers, Certified Specialists

According to your requests, we can hire a dedicated developer or even an entire team of developers. You choose your personal custom model of hiring. We build command right for your business needs.

How many developers do you need? One, two or ten? How long you need them – for one month, one week, or one hour? We provide you with our services in those amount of time that will be best for you.

We will not say much about our professional qualities. Well, maybe a little. If our words are not convincing enough for you – see here. Our team consists of certified developers and it means that we are graduated for highest level from Magento as Developers and know all details how both Magento Community and Enterprise work. See the certificates confirming the appropriate level of our specialists. We have already driven our competence. Magento 2 developers from MageDirect are one of the few who really know what they are doing.


Hire Magento 2 developers for every taste and colour!

What is the main benefit of working with us / our developers:

  • Comprehensive Magento Expertise, from development to Magento optimization
  • We create custom Magento 2 Themes
  • Flexible Price Plans and operating conditions.  You can stop a contract at any time.
  • 24/7 Support
  • We have enterprise-level experience with Magento 2 because we have been working with it since the first releases.

Speed up the implementation of your shop by 300%!

  • If you need to make the project “for yesterday” – then you just need to hire us!
  • You save money. The flexible form of payment and discount system will reduce the expense related to your store. Cut down its costs by 50%, hiring a team of certified developers who cope with the tasks 200% effective.
  • Increase the efficiency of your online store
  • Creating the store on Magento 2 platform you do not have to solve problems. Our professionals simply would not allow their appearance.

Consequently, your business will receive the next pleasant bonuses:

  • You save the most valuable resource – time.
  • Instead of 10 inefficient pseudo-experts, you hire a command of 3-4 experienced developers

We love our work and hire developers with views and principles close to ours. We are looking for people who love coding. Such people are perfectionists, fans of ideal strings. They are so fond of doing it, so they are willing to code even in their free time.

Our developers are true creators. We can say even PHP-code poets.

Our passion together with professionalism is the main reason why all our Magento projects are bound to succeed.


Our Key Benefits

full-stack magento developers

Full-stack Magento developers

Whether you need an implementation of new design, adding new functionality to the backend or anything else, we can help you because we are experts in both frontend and backend!

professional project collaboration

Professional Project Collaboration

Which services for collaboration and managing tasks do you use?

We are working with various services: Slack, Trello, JIRA, and others.

transparent work process

Fail-safe & transparent work process

We do not hide the working process from our clients. You can see our development stage and get the reports about the completed work. Be sure that we don’t add extra hours for development.

cancelling agreement

Cancelling agreement at any time with the 7-days’ notice

Don’t worry about canceling the agreement, you can do it anytime, just let us know about it 7 days before.

Our Magento Expertise

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