Hire Magento Developer

Special Recruitment for Magento Projects

If you want to hire Magento Developer or team from scratch and you run out of resources, we offer to hire employees specially for your order.

How does it work?


1. You provide us with information about tech stack and the number of Magento developers you need for hiring

What we need to know before:

  • Which Magento version would you like to have – Magento 1 or Magento 2?
  • What kind of developer do you need – frontend, backend or full-stack?
  • Do you require certified Magento developers?
  • What unique skills should they possess? (for example, an ability to write unit tests, integrate Varnish with Magento, experience of integration with any specific business applications, etc.)

2. We create a working group of specialists to find specialists for your requirements

This group includes such specialists:

  • Recruiters with experience in hiring Magento developers
  • Technical experts who interview selected candidates
  • Project managers who test candidate skills

After that, we discuss the terms during which the developer should be hired.
Before the agreed deadline we send you the search results.


3. The start of work with developers

Together with you, we begin the trial period of working with the candidates that you liked. The duration of the trial period is negotiated personally with you. Candidates sign with your company NDA and begin work on servicing your development processes.

From our side we provide the candidate with:

  • Monthly payment
  • Taxes payment
  • Controlling the performance of candidates duties
  • Improve candidates skills
  • Controlling candidates daily availability and the way he is following the working schedule
  • Payment for holidays

4. Results

You will be able to focus only on the work and management of people and projects.
After passing the trial period – we start with you the long-term cooperation.

As soon as you are satisfied with your new employees:

  • We are signing a contract for the number of months you need
  • We create a plan to improve the skills of specialists
  • We appoint for you a personal manager who will serve the operational activities between you and the team and deal with accounting
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