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How can you benefit from neuromarketing in eCommerce


A very important point about your business is to worry about your traffic and generate a good one for your eCommerce website. But what is more important is making people buy exactly from your online store. Today there are a great number of various stores, so you have to differ from them in order to get good conversion rates. There is one trick which we want to tell you about – neuromarketing. We are going to tell you about some neuromarketing principles which will help you to find out more about the typical behavior of your customers and how to work with it.

Neuromarketing – what it means

So, what is neuromarketing? It is a kind of technology with the help of which you can study the brain activity of people in order to see their responses to advertising and branding. Consequently, if there is something wrong in either your advertising or branding you can adjust it for having better responses.

In other words, it is a good combination of neuroscience and marketing which help many big companies to get loyal customers and thus more sales. For a better understanding of how you can benefit from it in eCommerce, you need to dive deeper into the subconsciousness of your clients. We also should concentrate on people’s weaknesses in thinking in case we want to persuade them to buy something. So, we are going to present you some tricks of neuromarketing.

1. Don’t be concentrated on your personal advantage while talking with customers

The biggest mistake while creating content to the website or advertising emails is praising the certain company, brand or its products and services. We shouldn’t so explicitly sell but somehow advice people what can be useful for them.


Our advice

There is no need in making emphasis generally on the features of the products and goods. It is better to offer a description of the advantages which one gets if he will buy this or that product. For example, which problems a person will solve and how it will simplify life. It is very important to appeal to both the rational and emotional thinking of people.


Imagine that someone has serious problems with hair loss. Of course, enumeration of key ingredients will be useful for him but it will be more effective to show how this shampoo will make his hair better. The sentence «With our shampoo, you will forget about hair loss forever» will surely appeal to the emotions of your customer and he will buy this product without any doubt.

2. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers

It allows you to look at things critically. Sometimes you may think that you have an ideal eCommerce website. But when you request another person who is not your friend to express his opinion about your site this opinion can differ a lot from yours.


Our advice

So, it will be good if you will have an empath in your team who understands the emotions of your customers and have big experience in working with people. In order to find such a person while hiring the staff, you can offer them to make a test which will define the level of their emotional intelligence.


Think about what you can add to your website taking into account that this «what» should evoke the interest of your audience. You may create a section with positive reviews or a chapter with awards which you achieved. Moreover, show the number of your subscribers in a prominent place.

3. Organize everything in a way that your customer will buy a needed item quickly

Many eCommerce businesses make a big mistake because they don’t pay attention to the navigation. It means that a customer has to spend too much time in order to finish his purchase. It is the improper route which makes many people leave your store without buying the desired items.


Our advice

You should hire a high-skilled marketer and create with him a decent website navigation. So, you will give your customers an opportunity to purchase quickly and easily. Thus, you will save their time and at the same time get loyal clients.


When someone visits your website for the first time there are two variants: either he leaves it or he makes the purchase. In order to make this person buy something, you should create appropriate conditions for it, namely, proper navigation. It doesn’t matter whether you have a good design and quality products if he will spend much time finishing the purchase he will surely waive it.

You can find out a lot about your customers, what they need and want, using neuromarketing.  And as a result, your communication with clients will become better and thus you will increase sales and retain customers. I hope our article was interesting and useful for you. Good luck!

Myroslava Lukashuk

Myroslava LukashukeCommerce Expert

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