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How MageDirect does QA

How magedirect does QA

For creating own online stores and management them, companies are increasingly choosing a multifunctional and high-performance Magento platform, our team is no exception.

Magento – is a very powerful and multifunctional platform in the eCommerce world. It offers great flexibility due to its modular architecture. Customers and users appreciate Magento for a wide range of functionality.

But the more functionality the platform provides, the higher the probability of errors entering the system. We love our customers and are committed to long-term cooperation, therefore we conduct constant testing at all levels, from testing documentation, design and finishing with exhaustive and stress testing of the finished functional.

Steps in testing

  • Compatibility check for extensions. One of the built-in extensions can cause problems in another. A set of test cases will verify that all extensions work correctly. Regression testing for extensions with similar or related functionality is mandatory.
  • Testing the appearance of the site is included in the mandatory checking of the quality control. To find the maximum number of bugs and conduct exhaustive testing of the frontend part of the site, we use the program It opens in details the Photoshop and Sketch projects on the Mac, Windows and Linux or in the browser. There is the ability to export CSS, Swift and Android code, images, fonts, styles, select and define colors, measure sizes, distances and much more.
  • Performance testing. The tester necessarily creates a high load on the developed software, checks that a large volume of orders does not lead to a malfunction in the system and the site will not stop working at the most inopportune moment.
  • Testing of each payment method. Verification of the accuracy of the calculations is included in the daily process of the Magento QA team member. Payment methods should be transparent and understandable for a simple user. For this, we use test payment cards, test accounts, and such systems as After Pay, PayPal
  • Each QA tester knows that the main thing for any online store is that it performs its main function – the sale of goods. Double check of the payment process and the shopping cart. Much attention is paid to testing discount vouchers, promotions and gift certificates.
  • Different ways of delivering the goods are checked very carefully and scrupulously using the VPN program. Delivery of goods and partial shipment is tested by various approaches to identify “floating” and “static” bugs.
  • Using automatic tests to detect defects at an early stage. After each update deployment, a set of autotests is launched on the production or live site, which helps to keep the defect flow on the control and correct them in time. In the work, the MageDirect team uses the or writing autotests.
  • Conduct cross-browser and mobile testing is an integral part of the work of the QA department of MageDirect. Testing the client part in different browsers and on different mobile devices. We usually find various defects by running the application in Firefox and Google Chrome, Opera, Safari.
  • In our work, we use the emulator which allows us to test the software on 1100 browsers.

What should we look for when testing Magento modules?

In the process of constant software testing, our team finds typical bugs or features that are most likely encountered by the testers during the testing of the modules. We will give some examples of the behavior of the system that should be considered when testing the software at the design and support stage of the project.

1. Cross-Browser compatibility. We test the frontend in various browsers, such as Chrome, FF, Safari, IE, Edgе. We always pay attention to the layout and development of scripts. In the backend, problems with cross-browser are very rare, so we check the backend in Chrome, the Incognito tab.

2. HTTPS protocol:

  • javascript / AJAX module breaks;
  • when the module adds a tab to My Account, it often does not use https in the URL;
  • requests with https are sent to HTTP, and vice versa.

3. In Magento, by default, there is a check, which allows you to issue an order for several addresses Billing and Shipping. The QA MageDirect team runs mandatory tests that check the multi-address checkout, and the correspondence of the address data on the success page. Also, change the data in the Magento admin panel and display the data in my account. Create an order through the admin panel displaying it on the frontend part.

4. Checkout as Guest. This part of the site has high priority and the huge number of test scenarios:

  • The process of user registration and creating an order for a site visitor;
  • Processing of custom discount and discount vouchers;
  • Transfer of saved data to my account after the order is completed;
  • Saving of custom data when a guest switches to a checkout of the site when re-ordering;
  • No interruption of the session after changing the password.

5. Register at Checkout. All our sites use a module that works with login or register. In our arsenal, there is an extensive set of test cases for validating data forms. This set is also used on the website. We will also refer to the importance of installing and verifying CAPTCHA.

6. The product is out of stock. The important part of the product status, the errors of which can lead to global negative consequences. If this bug is not tracked, the customer can issue the product at a checkout with out of stock status and not receive it.

It relates to configurable products and simple.

7. Billing and Shipping address in My Account. From the project to the project we come across one standard behavior of Magento. When creating a new user, the Billing address is changing, the Shipping address is changing automatically and misleads the customer.

8. Update from the previous version. When refactoring or changing the structure of the module tables, we necessarily check the update from the previous version of the database. After updating the version, we check completely the entire site with using the checklist.

Understanding the overall architecture of Magento and its work with modules reduces the occurrence of repetitive bugs. Knowledge of the structure of the “inside” testers is very important, with experience comes the understanding of the dependence of the modules among themselves and allows you to anticipate possible conflicts and bugs in advance.

Shortly about our QA Team

A qualified team of MageDirect QA Engineers consists of 4 people, and its number is constantly growing. One or more projects are assigned to each one. Responsibility for the quality of the product being developed is borne by the strong shoulders and extensive experience of each employee and the team as a whole.

The fundamental slogan of our team is “Not indifference” and “Complex approaches” in the work. Everyone understands that after the development of the project, he will switch to support and the employee must fully control the situation on the project.

A new employee coming to the team will not feel lonely because there is a strong supporter of the team, which is ready to share experience and skills. All acquired knowledge, checklists, test case sets are necessarily documented and stored in common access for ease of use.

Weekly meetings are held within the team, where everyone can tell something new, share knowledge with other team members. Meetings also hold technical leads and project managers for the continuous and comprehensive growth of each QA.

Continuous communication in the team, controlled processes and effective prioritization allows you to show a positive result.

Our goal is the high quality of the product and satisfied customer in the long term.

And the main goal – to ensure the high quality of your software product in the long-term perspective.

Ksenia Antoshchenko

Ksenia AntoshchenkoQA Engineer

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