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How to build an effective SEO strategy in 2017


How to build an effective SEO strategy in 2017?

Google are constantly updating the algorithms, and therefore the SEO strategy experts do not stop the debate about how suitable search engine optimization is. But, despite everything, the practice clearly shows that the optimizers after every next upgrade quite successfully adjust to the updated realities. Based on this, we can say that SEO strategy changes, but optimizers are able to withstand and even use the plus changes that occur. We at MageDirect also decided to share our knowledge and want to give you some tips for creating an effective SEO strategy.

Why is the SEO strategy in 2017 different from 2016?

  •  Google is moving to the mobile-only world without stopping. The upcoming launch of mobile-first indexing is the expected and logical completion of this company process.
  • Although the links are still important for estimating the site’s weight, but Google pays more attention to details: personalization, behavioral factors, security, and page structure (user-friendliness) – which is logical if you take into account devices such as mobile gadgets and Home assistants.
  • Voice search for the same reason is the next step in the development of the search. The most powerful competitor to Google in this arena may be Bing and Apple Search.
  • Since John Jan Andrea became the senior vice president of Google search, automatic crawler self-learning began to be used by default in almost all areas of the search engine. In 2017, their application will expand. Perhaps this may happen due to special algorithms that improve the work of the main Google algorithm – Hummingbird – in each phase. According to Google’s own company, artificial intelligence will be applied, which has already learned enough to make the necessary decisions on its own.
  • In the mobile-only direction, the relevance of the results of the local search become even higher. This trend is associated with the launch of the Possum update and all the tests that we see in this vertical. The same goal is the purchase of Google by Urban Engines, which specializes in the development of monitoring and analysis systems in the field of “The Internet of Moving Things”.
  • The acquisition of startups such as MoodStock, EyeFluence, Anvato and Famebit, indicates that video/image and video marketing will be in the spotlight for Google.

What do you need to consider when planning SEO strategy?

Prepare for the launch of the mobile-first index. Most likely, it can be held in 2017. Google gave to webmasters and SEO experts enough time to prepare for this change:

  • Create a mobile version, if it is not already available.
  • Bringing to the common denominator content and pages in the desktop and mobile versions. In this case, the optimal option becomes the use of adaptive design.
  • Add markup of structured data to mobile versions of pages.
  • UX review and conversion optimization.
  • Rethinking and developing a new SEO strategy for link building, if different strategies were used for desktop and mobile versions. It is not yet known whether links to desktop versions of pages can be taken into account after launching the mobile-first index.
  • If you know that you can not create a full-featured mobile version by the end of 2017, then the optimal solution is to leave only the desktop version of the resource. In Google repeatedly said that the transition to mobile-first indexing does not mean a failure to scan the desktop version.
  • If the site does not have a mobile version, Google will index the desktop. The same approach may be used if it has an AMP version, but there is no mobile version.


  • This project was one of the most important for Google in 2016. The launch of the AMP took place in October 2015. If initially, the new format was available only for news sources, now Google also shows AMP-results for the sites of recipes and e-commerce.
  • If your resource already receives a large amount of traffic from mobile search, you need to make the creation of the AMP-version in your task list. This task should be a priority for a blog, a news or recipe resource.
  • As for online stores on the Magento 1 and Magento 2 platform, you can experiment with AMP, but PWA is your priority and strategic choice for your Magento SEO optimization.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

  • MageDirect experts support the view that one of the main trends in 2017 can be PWA. At the moment, e-commerce sites can not be fully translated into AMP. In addition, 3 seconds is the new standard for downloading the page. Even a well-optimized adaptive or mobile website is unlikely to be able to give such an indicator.
  • Another important aspect for Google is security. PWA works only with HTTPS. Adding 1 + 1, it is easy to foresee that the company encourages webmasters to implement PWA.
  • If you own a web store, and you do not have an application, or you are considering the possibility of continuing support for two applications (for iOS and Android), then Progressive Web Apps is your best choice. They allow the shop to work on the principle of the application. Including offline.

So, we sum up what to focus on your SEO strategy this year:

1. The best content
Your content should be not easy good, but excellent and even – the best! If you do not know how to achieve this, you can ask for help from professionals (like MageDirect). The most important thing here is to build on the preferences of the target audience, which means that you should carefully studying current topics. It is important to create “evergreen” content that won’t become obsolete and, as a consequence, help the site stay a long time in TOP.

2. Video Content
Here it is worth noting that the creation of video content is often ignored, while it can attract a fairly large amount of traffic. This is especially noticeable when using the YouTube service since with this video hosting transitions are always good. In addition, embedding the video in the page directly on the corporate website helps to improve the behavioral factors – namely: increase the amount of time that the user spends on it.

3. Mobile SEO
The level of mobile conversions still leaves much to be desired, and all because a large number of mobile sites are not optimized enough. And a similar situation for literate optimizers should be urgently corrected! The main emphasis is recommended to do on the usability of mobile versions. Also, special attention should be paid to creating micro-markup and AMP pages. It is also important that Yandex made mobility a separate factor of search ranking. In addition, the relevance of work in this direction increases against the backdrop of Google’s promises to launch the primary mobile index in the near future.

4. External links
“Backlinks receiving is getting harder and harder” – SEO optimizers say on the forums, and it’s true. Buying links on exchanges are becoming less relevant and expedient. It is best to use “white” SEO, publishing constantly the highest quality and demanded content, which will reach the target audience, and therefore – attract large traffic.


These strategies, when properly implemented in SEO optimization, will achieve truly impressive success. The most important thing is to have patience because modern SEO promotion is a process that requires time. It is based on long-term SEO strategies with their qualitative and consistent result, not tricky moves and short-term gains. If you want your Magento online store to really fit all the modern criteria and be at the top, you can safely rely on the help of the MageDirect team.

Alexandra Soloviova

Alexandra SoloviovaBusiness Development Manager

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