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How to Use Instagram to Increase your eCommerce Sales


Today Instagram attracts more and more users every month. That’s why eCommerce businesses can somehow use it in order to find new customers and thus increase sales. There are some steps which will help you to do it rightly.

1. Create your profile

First of all, you should create your profile on Instagram but upgrading to a business profile. Of course, many people now are selling products using their profiles. However, it is better to use a business account which is recommended by Instagram. Thanks to it, you will have an opportunity to add more detailed information about the products you are going to sell.

2. Make sure your content is good enough to post it

The second step deals with creating high-quality content for your target market. It is important to find those words which will appeal to your audience. You should work thoroughly before posting the information on Instagram and make sure that your content is really of high quality.

Moreover, a good idea is creating interesting images which will speak about your products. You may do it by using various tools such as Canva, Pablo, and others. As for size, your images should not be bigger or smaller than 1080 x 1080 and there is no need to do the captions which consist of more than 2,200 characters.

Remember that another important thing which is connected with the content is scheduling the posts. But you don’t need to regulate this content and waste your time. You should just create your posts in advance and target the days when they must be posted.

3. Benefit from hashtags

The third step is connected with using hashtags. Naturally, you should use it in your posts in order to find new customers. But when you already have a successful eCommerce store you should also create your own hashtag which will be searchable. It is important to point out that this hashtag should be used in every post of your Instagram account and in the bio.

As for the right hashtags for your posts, there are three ways how to decide what to use:

  • try to find those phrases and relevant keywords which will show what you are selling;
  • find out what hashtags are trending today and how you can relate them to your brand;
  • apply for various professional SEO services like Iconosquare.

4. Engage with your audience

Fourthly, don’t forget about engagement with your followers. You should not only post the good content but also communicate with people if they want to find out more about this or that product. What is more, when someone writes that he or she wants to buy something you should respond as fast as you can in order not to lose the potential customer.

By the way, have you ever heard about Instagram Pro Widget? It can be used only for Magento 2 because it is one of its extensions. This extension gives you an opportunity to display Instagram images of your goods in the store with appropriate hashtags. Using Instagram Pro Widget there is no need to authorize preliminary in the case you want to display certain photos from Instagram.

In general, you just need to take 2 steps: installing the extension and beginning to work on Instagram integration.

5. Conduct contests

And the last step is creating different contests or giveaways for your followers. There are many advantages of it like:

  • getting more engagement with your users;
  • increasing the number of your followers;
  • promoting your goods.

To sum it up, using Instagram as a platform to make sales is a good choice because you can increasingly drive traffic to your online store.

Myroslava Lukashuk

Myroslava LukashukeCommerce Expert

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