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Latest Technical articles about Magento 2

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We have collected the latest articles for you about Magento 2. They are written by the talented developer of our MageDirect team and an intelligent girl, the mother of two children. Her name is Liliya Gogoleva, you can read more about Liliya here:

In this article, you may find the description of Service contracts, benefits of using them. Also, Liliya added an example how we can implement Service Contracts for the custom module and how this API can be used by other modules. The code with comments is included!

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Creation of module in Magento 2 is the basic part. You can create a module in 6 steps and, in this article, Liliya demonstrates all these steps. You have no chance to make a mistake!

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Do you know all the ways for enabling/disabling modules? In this article, you can read about how to enable, disable and see the status of the module. Also, if you want to know more about it, links to the official documentation are included.

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Do you know how to install a theme in Magento 2 correctly? If no, this guide will be useful for you. It takes only 6 steps, but each of them is significant and described in the article. For a better understanding, the guide includes screenshots and code.

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Creating the controller in Magento 2 shouldn’t be a problem anymore! Liliya prepared a detailed guide, in which each step is described. Follow all the steps, and we can guarantee the creation of Controller quickly and easily.

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There are three types of plugins: before, after and around. But how to use them correctly in Magento 2? Information about each type and ways of using them are presented in this article. Also, at the end of the article, you can find links to the official documentation related to plugins.

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Do you follow all the Magento code standards? Liliya has prepared this guide for both Magento versions, so you may find useful information exactly for your business. Know more about code standards with a help of our article!

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The process of creation Admin Grid takes nine steps, but it is not difficult when all of them are described in details. All needed code you can also find in the article, so quicker open an article and create Admin Grid for your Magento 2 store!

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If you want to create CMS page programmatically, this article will be useful for you. Also, if the word “programmatically” scare you, don’t worry! The code you can also find on the page.

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Alexandra SoloviovaBusiness Development Manager

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