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Let’s summarize 2018. 2019 welcome!


2018 has been a year full of progressive and dynamic events.
Let’s have a look back to whole 2018 and remember how it was. Some of these trends influenced your business and probably some you still need to adapt.
MageDirect Team prepared the most important trends that influenced eCommerce in 2018.

So, 2018. How it was?


On May 25th, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became widely enforceable. The GDPR is the European Union’s new data privacy law which impacts how all companies (big and small) collect and handle personal data about their European customers.
Each online store owner and entrepreneur was preparing his business to comply with  GDPR. That said, the GDPR is an extremely complicated set of requirements that will apply differently from store to store, and we recommend speaking with a lawyer or data protection professional if you have specific questions about how the GDPR applies to your business.
Main rule about it: if you sell any products to customers based in the EU, or have EU visitors to your site, you’ll need to make sure your site complies with GDPR. It affects even e-mail marketing so you need to check if everything is ok with your business and GDPR before entry into 2019.

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36% of the surveyed marketers used chatbots for providing customer service.
Chatbots became the most scalable way for businesses to communicate with their customers on different messaging platforms, they motivate customers to make purchases. Chatbots is one of the most efficient automation tools for your business. They provide high-quality customer service and guarantee a quick response. It pleases clients and makes them satisfied with the shopping experience in an online store. Mobile Marketer research gives a fact that around 40% of millennials say they chat with Chatbots every day doing shopping with a help of their smartphones.

Chatbot conversation on smartphone screen app interface with artificial intelligence technology providing virtual assistant customer support and information, person hand holding mobile phone

Voice Shopping

In 2018, 46% of consumers prefer non-conventional shopping channels, and voice shop is one of them.
This year Google and Amazon pushed the “smart speakers” market.
Now Google is trying to make voice-activated assistants available on all Android devices, starting from smartphones, wearables, and finishing smart TVs.
According to eMarketer research, 35.6 million Americans used voice shopping at least once a month.
Voice shop is convenient for customers, it allows to make shopping with minimal interrupting from work or your routine.


More Than Just Responsive Designs

Did you know that more people visit your website from their mobile devices than from their computers?
Multiple statistics report that more than 60% of consumers admit that they will abandon a website if it isn’t mobile friendly.
So, if you haven’t, I’d make sure to consider the user experience on smartphones and tablets.
Your prospects will always appreciate it.

Expert Sales

68% of people want to choose by themselves, not to communicate with sales managers.
Became a new era of sales: so-called “expert sales”, which rule B2B and B2C segments.
Customers want to buy not something sales manager is interested to sell but something they need and offer according to facts and real reviews. They are smart enough to read what all the characteristics, pros and cons of the product, to compare with other variants and only then to decide. In such conditions, a sales manager should become a real expert, smart and intelligent.


Everything’s Becoming Omnichannel

This year omnichannel became so important that even Amazon and eBay have established physical stores in order to achieve a more personal relationship with their customers, instead of merely interacting through a screen.
Modern consumer wants to interact with brands across different channels.
The problem retailers are experiencing, though, is the fragmentation of their channels.
So the purpose of “omnichannel” is to standardize and integrate the brand’s different points of contact so the experience a prospect or customer has on one channel doesn’t differ from the next. Consistent and unified.


And the last fact:  47.3% of world population expected to buy online in 2018. This tendency will continue in 2019.
It means that eCommerce business will grow with fast temp, so we need to develop constantly.
MageDirect Team is looking forward for the next year. We plan to continue to grow and share knowledge with you, hire new talented specialists and make your business better.

We wish you a Happy New 2019!

Valentyn Kubrak

Valentyn KubrakChief Operating Officer

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