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Let’s summarize 2018. 2019 welcome!

MageDirect at MageConf 2018


About MageConf

November 3, 2018, in Kiev, was one of the largest technical conferences in Europe from Magento.

MageConf is a great opportunity to get new information about Magento and eCommerce in general. For MageDirect developers, it is a great chance to upgrade their skills by visiting Contribution Day and working with Magento team developers. Members of our team usually don’t miss a chance to visit such events and get valuable experience for their work.

Here we are:


Most of all we were interested in the report related to Magento 2.3 release, Magento 2 Performance and Testing.

We asked our specialists in 2 weeks after visiting MageConf which reports were the most interesting for them and did they implement it in work already.

We got such results:
Matt Zimmerman – Magento 2.3 Updates
Olexandr Lyzun  – Partner experience in Magento Community Projects (Async/Bulk API, GraphQl, PWA)

Yevhenii Pyltiai – Ideal Clod Project
Oleksiy Kolesnik – Automated Functional Testing in Magento
Valeriy Nayda – GraphQL – One more community Driven Project
Igor Sydorenko – Advanced steps to optimize Magento 2 performance


We have accentuated plenty of useful ideas and new knowledge. Read our interesting articles based on MageConf reports in our Blog soon.

Magento 2.3 already brings new opportunities to fuel growth of business in 2019 and MageDirect Team is glad for it.
We are grateful to the organizers of the conference for such a productive day and for the association of Magento experts in one place.

Thank you all for your attention and hope to see you at MageConf 2019!

Valentyn Kubrak

Valentyn KubrakChief Operating Officer

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