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MageDirect has launched New Magento 2 Store for Edgesmith


Perfection is born!

Progressive, stylish and safe – only 3 words are needed to describe the EdgeSmith web store.

Edgesmith is a New Zealand company which offers the big range of products from fencing design and technical specs to hardware, automation and access control. Edgesmith was born from the greatest wish to inspire its clients. This company is on a journey to create a movement where perimeter architecture is respected, prioritized and admired, and we welcome you to join our tribe. From design to access and control, Edgesmith is where a new attitude towards bordering perfection begins.


Having acceptable work towards creating the Edgesmith online store, we faced with the big task. Our mission stressed the need to merge 3 main hallmarks of the Edgesmith – contemporary design, safety and functionality. Inspired by the Edgesmith obsession of perfection, we have been successful in developing its online store.

Quick Order

Creating the design of the site, we always remind ourselves that the time of users mattered. That is why we designed Quick Order area. With the help of this section guests of the site, who have already decided which product they are willing to buy, can add this item to the shopping cart within 5 seconds. Time is priceless, isn’t it?

Mega Menu

There is a statistics that you have only THREE seconds to attract the attention of the user who visited your site by accident. You have just FIVE seconds to attract the attention of the person who viewed your site looking for a company like yours. Using this idea as a core one, we created a drop-down menu, which keeps all options visible and organized. Even if the user does not think with the same hierarchy as the designer, he will not get lost and will not leave the site in frustration.

Category Page

Category page was purposely designed with a standard layout to maintain a user-friendly experience. Filter always stays visible on the left side which has specific filter categories depending on the product you are looking for. All filter categories are hidden behind an expandable/closable accordion. All those filters are multi-selectable which helps users to filter to more specific results.

Product Page

MageDirect wants to create an enjoyable design for its clients. It is essential for us to let everyone check the site from any device. That is why we have provided Edgesmith with mobile adaptive design version. Moreover, we tried to give the clients all the necessary information when they open product page at first. In other words, they can check proportions of items, price as well as some other items which might be a good extra for the main product. Also, we made an option Questions & Answers available, which allows customers to either view other questions or ask their own. Product Page combines several stages. On the first step, the customer can choose the item, on the second stage he can enter gates width, on the third stage concept of choosing color is available, the fourth step requires to adding an item to the Shopping cart.


One of the most demanded tasks was Checkout creation. Understanding the importance of data security, we provided Edgesmith with trusted way of user`s registration. We intentionally created 5 steps in the Checkout option to guarantee the highest level of protection for our Edgesmith clients.

Project Overview

As a result of productive teamwork, we met expectations of our partners trying to do our best. To sum it up, we have developed custom responsive Magento 2 Theme. One of the main advantages of this design is the presence of specific design for each product page. Moreover, MageDirect supplies the partner with Checkout and Quick order design improvements as well as landing and regular category pages enhancements.

All these features made the Edgesmith online store very attractive and user-friendly. Innovative design and functionality force the client attention and they do not have any doubts that this company can guarantee the highest product quality and professional customer assistance.
We are sure – Edgesmith will have such a long-term partnership with their clients as the lifetime of its production.
Thanks to Edgesmith, Magedirect now can say with a pure heart that our eCommerce Development Company inspires every client turning possible into reality!

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Valentyn Kubrak

Valentyn KubrakChief Operating Officer

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