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MageDirect launched new Magento 2 store for Alser


About Alser

Alser is a company from Kazakhstan, has been successfully operating on the market for more than 20 years. They provide unique opportunities for their clients from Kazakhstan and neighboring countries to use the latest progressive digital technology developed by world manufacturers, the most fashionable gadgets, innovations in consumer electronics. Alser provides a wide range of services, as a result, it is the number one company in the digital market.
Nowadays, the retail network Alser has more than 140 stores in 52 cities of Kazakhstan, covering all areas of the country.

New Magento 2 Store for the powerful electronic seller

For MageDirect developers, it is of course very interesting to make a store that processes a large number of customers and orders. And Alser needed such a store, which can withstand heavy loads and satisfy all the needs of customers when choosing and buying electronics products.

For such store, in the first place, it was important to think through:

  • Advertising mechanism, cross-sell, up-sell, related products and services.
  • Filters for selecting a large number of products with a lot of features.
  • Convenient payment methods and delivery choices.
  • “Smart” interface with preview products in all their glory with a detailed description of functions and features.
  • Convenient search and menu.

Our team is very fond of electronics, as we are technical geeks ourselves 🙂 It is a pleasure to develop such store.

Custom Checkout

An important part of the project is the collection of data and the choice of the method of payment in the checkout. Of course, such electronics store needs to customize the steps of the checkout. The default functional for M2 will not be enough.

The MageDirect team has been developing custom checkout for projects for a long time, so it gathered enough experience to make checkout correctly and integrate with payment systems.
This is one of the most difficult and most interesting parts of the project.

Menu, filters

A convenient menu and filters are one of the most important indicators of a well thought out UX design.
We used the so-called Mega Menu style of menu output and sophisticated filtering mechanism for a large number of attributes.

Special category system

Categories and preview menus of child categories should be displayed in a special style to allow buyers to conveniently choose products among a large number of parent and child categories.

Product pages

The page has convenient tabs with characteristics and descriptions, as well as custom blocks for displaying cross-sell and related products.

Banner, Promo System, Cross-sell, Related Services

An important part of every electronics store is a well-thought-out system of offers of related products, services and advertising.

We carried out a large amount of work dedicated to customizing and expanding the functionality of the responsible for advertising, promo rules, and showing cross-sell, up-sells, etc.


We have added a convenient pre-order system for the product, which is an important feature for stores, and which allows customers to be interested in even before the product is brought to the warehouse.


Like every modern store, Alser has an eCommerce ecosystem of services for logistics, delivery, payment, order processing. Our team has implemented the integration with the client systems in order to ensure stable and harmonious work of Magento 2 inside large eCommerse ecosystem.

Project Overview

Let’s summarize, our team loves to develop complex shops on Magento 2 🙂

Especially for Alser, which loves its customers and constantly thinks about the system of shares, promotions and bonuses.

We launched a complicated store with a lot of features, which should be the best in the region, and grab the hearts of buyers of Kazakhstan 🙂 Now they can buy new iPhones even faster thanks to the convenient website and high-quality service of Alser.

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Valentyn Kubrak

Valentyn KubrakChief Operating Officer

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