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MageDirect launched new store for Merino Kids with new design

Merino Kids launch
Merino Kids launch

About Merino Kids

Merino Kids is a New Zealand company, which provides a wide variety of textile for babes. Their feature is providing products only from 100% natural fibres, that is a great solution for the youngest babies. Since 2003, Merino Kids was becoming more popular year-by-year. And now it is one of the most widely known companies, which provide textile for children, made of only natural materials.

New design

The appearance of the website is highly important, especially for attracting customers. That is why our main goal was to redesign the site according to the latest UX methodologies.

Gift Cards & Loyalty program

The MageDirect Team has added an extension for Loyalty program with bonuses and Gift Cards. We like to add this feature to improve customer engagement with client website.


The MageDirect Team created checkout with 7 sections to combine all required fields into one single page that is usable for clients. This is our one of favorite checkout view.

Mega Menu

Did you know that you have only three seconds for drawing the attention of customers, that visited your website by accident? Especially for customers retention, we created Mega Menu, that shows the organized hierarchy of products. Using the best practices of the development with the UX methodology, Mega Menu should attract and increase the number of purchases.

Project Overview

To sum up, our eCommerce Developers did their best to meet all the requirements, provided by the client.

We launched the website from scratch and created the new design with our partner, Overdose Digital, for Merino Kids. Also, it was increased customer loyalty and engagement with the site, which increased the number of purchases.

For us it was highly important to make the redesign, that will attract parents to make purchases for their babies. Nice to know that you launch and redesign the store, that sells beautiful products with the highest quality. That is why our goal was to provide the same attractive and qualitative result of services.

view the case study.

Alexandra Soloviova

Alexandra SoloviovaBusiness Development Manager

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