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Magento 2.2. What to expect?

Magento 2.2

Not so long ago it was presented the latest Magento 2.2 version. New features and a large focus on B2B sphere were performed on June during official Magento webinar. Let’s take a look at the updates, new in Magento support and added functionalities.


The biggest part of updates includes B2B updates. In the newest version, B2B retailers will easily support accounts of their buyers. Corporate clients could use self-service tools for managing their multiple accounts. In addition, retailers can create unique pricing plans and send them to various companies. Requisition list will let your customers to choose the most often ordered products and to buy them periodically.


Previously, shipping was a popular problem in eCommerce sphere. Magento Inc. decided to solve this problem with a help of cooperation with Temando, intelligent shipping software. The result is a new product, Magento Shipping. This solution could let offer to ship orders be well-known carriers or offer shipping alternative (taking from warehouses, for example).



It was announced several valuable updates according to performance. Thanks to division into batches, memory utilization was improved. Customers will be able to to make purchases without performance losses while indexers are running because of they are improved.

Signifyd Integration

Magento 2.2 contains out of the box integration with Signifyd – fraud prevention solution. Signifyd notifies its users about the risk of default and identifies potentially fraudulent orders, whereby in the case of chargebacks (reloading of card transactions) a 100% compensation for the order value and all accompanying costs are paid within 48 hours. Magento 2.2 integration of Signifyd will come equally for Community Edition and Enterprise Edition and will work with all payment methods.


In the Magento 2.2 version will be reporting modules for extended reports with all necessary data stored in graphs.

Technical stack

As to using new technologies, it was added support for PHP 7.1, MySQL 5.7 and Redis 3.2, support for Varnish 5 instead of Varnish 3.

To sum up, all these features facilitate work for Magento users and increase the popularity of this eCommerce platform. By the way, our team of full stack developers is always glad to help you with your Magento project regardless of your preferred Magento version! If you are waiting for a sign, here it is. Do not waste your time and make your fashion store succeed right now!


Alexandra Soloviova

Alexandra SoloviovaBusiness Development Manager

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