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Magento 2 Dropship Extensions


Are you planning to set up a drop shipping online business but don’t know how to implement the desired idea into practice? In this blog post, we will list 7 Magento 2 dropship extensions based on user’s feedback, rating, search results and other significant considerations. Let’s explore with MageDirect team!

An Alternative To Separate Shipping

Most likely, it is worth reminding what is drop shipping and why this term is becoming more and more popular in modern trading. So, this is a method of supply chain management, which provides goods’ delivery from a provider to a buyer. It means that a retailer doesn’t keep items in stock but just attracts customers and deals with certain organizational matters.

However, what is the profit in selling someone else’s stuff? If you’re into drop shipping, you get a retail margin. In case of high goods turnover and sales capabilities increasing, everyone gets a greater profit, including a retailer.

Although Magento CMS doesn’t provide a dropshipping feature by default, a merchant can easily add it using due third-party developments.

So, there are 7 Magento 2 dropship extensions for you:

This is one of the best solutions for warehouse management available for Magento 2 marketplace. Having chosen this integration, a retailer constantly gets reports of provider’s stock. It helps to control the number of goods published in your store.It is a common situation when a client orders a good but then a retailer finds out that this item is sold out. It significantly delays delivery time, making a user dissatisfied. So, as you understood, monitoring capabilities are important in this business.

Speaking about delivery, Boost My Shop gives data about shipping costs and allows to readily track the dropship path.

An excellent opportunity to pick the cheapest supplier makes this extension a very beneficial option.

Actually, the solution focuses on providing all its core products via the Omnichannel product. Nevertheless, it suggests important features for drop shipping business, too.

This Magento 2 extension significantly simplifies the dropship procedure to just three steps,. Thus, a retailer significantly saves efforts and time when working with providers and clients.

Magestore offers to automatically send an email notification to a client, motivating them to visit a website again and make an order. All the order listing pages are available at the same time for admins and providers.

This reliable and flexible solution allows creating multiple warehouses and further splitting orders for them. In addition, Exto provides an automated system of inventory management and updates products’ statuses, which is vital for any drop shipping business. So you will always be sure what items are available for delivery.

Shipment & order tracking helps a retailer to easily solve all the organizational matters. Be aware of everything that happens in your online store.

First of all, it should be noted that the solution is integrated with ShipperHQ module. This characteristic helps to control important shipping details.

The feature set of this applications is quite enhanced. For example, it suggests identifying a carrier, email address, and contact data for every warehouse. In addition, Magento 2 online store visitors are able to select a particular shipping method that would suit their needs.

Also, Webshopapps’ feature list includes notifications, which are automatically sent to a client after an order is made.

Having implemented this extension in your Magento marketplace, you’re able to easily send & receive orders, automate inventory & cost updates, rank multiple suppliers, manage Magento scheduled tasks and much more.

Always be informed about everything related to the number of provider’s goods on stock and care about the success of your own online store. Expand and grow your business with Logicbroker.

Unirgy developers guarantee selling goods from providers in an easy way with a minimum of effort. The application has a bunch of benefits such as standard and external checkouts support, automatic order & shipping notifications, and different shipping origins per an order.

Also, the extension provides a user-friendly and intuitive control panel interface that makes using an application a not complicated procedure even for beginners.

If you’re a newbie in drop shipping who constantly faces different troubles, this application would be a great option. It simplifies all the dropshipping processes making your work a smooth and pleasant experience.

Speaking about Xtento’s functionality, the solution guarantees high flexibility with any supplier, stock level import, order export, etc. This is the reliable Magento integration, which will save your time due to the total automatization of all steps. It is definitely worth considering.

Final Words

Actually, drop shipping is a good earning system, which functions well only in case if you apply the right approach. All these Magento 2 dropship extensions are considered to be the leading ones in their category. Get more details on official websites of the applications and select the fast, stable, and simple solution for your Magento store.

Good luck in managing your drop shipping routine!

Anastasia Sydorchenko

Anastasia SydorchenkoSoftware Expert

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