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Magento QA testing with 360 degree approach

QA 360 view

Let’s talk about how to do Magento QA testing for stores nowadays correctly. Let’s consider the following case:

  •  You have made a store on the basis of Magento 2 in a short time. The site promises to be highly loaded.
  • You send this Magento site after development on production, and you need to fix the found bugs on time, before customers start to get frustrated 🙂
  • You want to make the process of finding errors quickly and promptly find fatal errors of the PHP application.

Our team uses various systems to automate Magento QA testing. In this article we will discuss only some of them:

  • NewRelic
  • Ghost Inspector
  • BrowserStack
  • ELK Stack
  • Track JS

We integrate all notifications from systems into the Slack channel.

And now we will tell you how to use this QA bundle for productive application testing.

So, you launched your Magento site in production, now your task:

  • Find backend errors and the slowest pages on time. Pass all JS errors to the testing team, so that they can first of all understand whether this affects the operation of the interface. These are the most critical mistakes.
  • Make Magento store testing in different browsers. Of course, we do not forget about several versions of the iPhone 🙂
  • Automating the verification of complex “floating” bugs that occur randomly or almost randomly 🙂 As always, we can not immediately catch them.

Let’s start!

Include New Relic in the work

New Relic is an excellent solution for tracking the weaknesses of an application. Namely, where delays occur, where the code is long executed and why.

New Relic can also be configured to display the fatal errors of the PHP application. All this it will do while your application will work and collect stack traces, which will help your developers quickly find the source of the problems.

More details about installing New Relic you can read here:

Example of the report:

example of the report

More details:

Ghost Inspector

Our favorite tool for automating front-end Magento testing. Perhaps not everyone knows, but Ghost Inspector has a cool API, which allows you to add to the code requests for any tests.

More details here:

For example: when some cron job is running to update the menu on the front-end, you need to check the status of the menu, whether they are correctly generated, valid layout, etc.

To do this, you just create a test in Ghost Inspector and call this test in your script using an elementary GET query using CURL.


More details:


A great tool for checking the front-end in different devices without the need to have them physically. Our team makes a control check of implemented Magento templates in all devices, which makes it possible to be sure that the store on all of them will be displayed correctly.

An example of testing on the iPhone 7

testing on the iPhone7

Track JS

A convenient system for getting information about what errors and on what page arise. It will allow your QA engineer to find such pages quickly and check the front-end, as well as pass a bug report to the developers to fix errors in the JS code.

More details:

How we integrate everything

Notifications from Ghost Inspector, Track JS, we connect to the Slack with the name of the channel: {project-name} -bugs

Also, we use additionally web hooks of the Slack in order to send some custom notifications for debugging to the channel.

For example, for certain failures in the runtime synchronization scripts, you need to notify your team about an error on time, in order to eliminate it.


Thank you for attention. Test your Magento stores correctly!

Valentyn Kubrak

Valentyn KubrakChief Operating Officer

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