What we do for eCommerce

Our main goal is to develop your business, we care about the quality of solutions we offer you. We have been working with Magento for a long time which helps us to be high professionals in business processes and software development.

No matter if you request to build a unique Magento solution or just a simple web store, we stand by the quality of our products. At MageDirect, we pursue the goal to minimize risks and make each of our projects a guaranteed environment. To save your time and money, we apply the latest trends in Magento development and quality assurance.

Who we work with

  • Magento Stores
  • Any online business that wanted to migrate to the Magento platform
  • New eCommerce business
  • Offline business that wants to be in “online”

How we help you

  • Creating new stores
  • Consulting. Costs optimization
  • Building new solutions and features
  • Designing new theme
  • Optimization of your store
  • Creating marketing strategy
  • Integrating software
  • Increasing sales
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