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Magento Theme DevelopmentWe will make your Magento Store beautiful for customers and efficient for sales.

Our team is developing themes for Magento. Therefore, we are known as Magento Theme Development Company.
We believe that a beautiful and convenient interface is one of the strongest aspects of a successful online store. Our team provides services to develop and improve Magento themes in view of the latest trends.

Our main tasks in the development of Magento theme:

Make the buying process for your customer as convenient and fast as possible

Make sure that your site is open on all devices

Make a website with the latest SEO trends to improve indexing by search engines

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Magento theme development from scratch

If you need to develop a theme from scratch – we will provide you with a service in which the creation of a design based on your wishes will be included and the design will be transferred to a Magento theme.

Development of Design

Do not have your own designer? Or your contractor does not specialize in developing the “right” design for online stores? No problem! Our designers will design you quickly and tailored to the needs of the eCommerce business.

Convert HTML to Magento theme

Convert any HTML source into a Magento theme.

Convert PSD / Sketch to Magento theme

Convert PSD or Sketch source to Magento template.

Magento Theme Customization

If you use a ready-made theme, you can contact us, and we will complete the improvements/customization.

Mobile Theme Development

This is useful when you need a separate store view for mobile devices.



Development of Design

Our designers have a narrow profile in the design development for eCommerce. Their experience in UX / UI planning of eCommerce stores allows you to create interfaces specially optimized for sales.

Compatibility with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Of course, it is very important to follow the Google trends to be in the top. We can develop a template, according to AMP standards.

Responsive template

All templates are developed with the optimization for mobile devices.

SEO optimized theme

Of course, we are developing it with SEO, so that your site easily gets into the Google index and easily promoted by marketers.

Custom extensions for user experience

We have many ready-made developments and experience in developing modules that increase the usability of your site and also increase customer loyalty.

Pixel perfect templates

Yes, we know that you want the theme to look like in design.

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