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Magento vs AbleCommerce


If you’re a future online store owner who can’t choose between the legendary platforms Magento VS AbleCommerce, we’re here to assist you. Let’s compare two commercial softwares to define which one is better for developing an efficient and profitable online store.

Release Date19942008
  • Merchant Getting Started – $495/annually
  • Merchant eCommerce software – $1295/one time
  • Enterprise eCommerce software – $2595/one time
Free & Premium editions
  • Magento Commerce Starter – from $2,000/month
  • Magento Commerce Pro – from $3,417/ month
Type of a ClientSmall and medium businessMedium and large enterprises
Additional FunctionalityData Import/Export

Basic Reports

Online Customer Support, etc.

Data Import/Export

Basic Reports

Complex analytics

Robust reporting

Wide SEO capabilities

Online Customer Support, etc.

Themes & DesignsOffers 20+ themesAn enhanced variety of free & premium solutions
SupportFree support is included during the first year of using. The further services depend on the edition you choose.Only Magento Enterprise users are provided with official technical support.

Magento Community doesn’t include this service.

Release Date: Experience you can trust

AbleCommerce is the real legend that was released in far 1994 in the USA. It appeared at the dawn of the online shopping era, at these times when an electronic trading was originated. Since then, age by age, AbleCommerce has been following all the novelties of the modern world. Now it is a great solution to build a well-performing online store.

Speaking about Magento, the system has been proving its extended features, excellent scalability, and reliability since 2008. For 10 years, the platform has gained the popularity all over the world, especially among large companies of renowned brands.


AbleCommerce has free and paid packages depending on users number and functions, type of support.

Free support and updates for 12 months are included in each package.

Magento is free. But if you strive to get more from your online store, you are able to select the premium edition offering beneficial features:

  • Magento Commerce Starter – from $2,000/month.
  • Magento Commerce Pro – from $3,417/month.

Both platforms give you a chance to start 30-day free trial to test the system. To get more information, go to an official site of a particular CMS.

Type of a Client

AbleCommerce is most appropriate for small and medium business. The versatile platform offers classy tools out-of-the-box to develop an online shop from scratch and improve it in future.

Magento is the very best solution for medium and large enterprise sizes. Enjoy never-ending extensions, immaculate scalability, and superior functionality. Due to the extended community, you may find any needed solution that is already designed by third-party developers. Therefore, Magento is useless for small shops or startups because most of all, you won’t need the platform’s multitude options.

Additional Functionality

AbleCommerce has all the needed features for designing a profitable marketplace. Merchants share that administration of a store is easy even for newbies, while developers find the object-oriented code easy to customize and integration-friendly. AbleCommerce is the well-customizable platform with amazing usability. The system provides the function of subscribing for goods used regularly, which is considered to be quite rare among alternative solutions. It will definitely keep your customers.

Although Magento is not easy to manage (some technical knowledge is required), it is still preferred in the trading area due to the platform’s extended functionality. Future-rich system allows implementing literally everything you want making your online shop an attractive place.

The highly customizable commercial software offers complex analytics, automated email marketing reminder, data import/export, related products, up-sells and cross-sells,

robust reporting, wide SEO capabilities, etc. The system’s out-of-the-box functionality cannot be compared with any other solution currently available on the eCommerce market.

It should be noted that both Magento and AbleCommerce provide an API for integrating third-party apps that are very important for the site’s growing and expanding.

Themes & Designs

AbleCommerce offers more than 20 easy customizable themes. Although the number of options leaves much to be desired, it is enough for designing an outstanding online store with a high-tech look. In addition, you can choose the layout from several default ones and create your own editor.

Magento is much beneficial in this criteria. The platform provides multiple free & premium options to make your marketplace’s appearance elegant and eye-catching. But it should be noted that the process of the theme installation and customization requires profound technical knowledge (as managing Magento at all) because there is always a risk to break the store functionality.


AbleCommerce free support is constantly provided if you select Merchant Getting Started and pay annually. Having chosen Merchant eCommerce software or Enterprise eCommerce software edition and paying one time, you can apply for the official support only during one year.

Speaking of Magento, free edition doesn’t include this service. Only Magento Enterprise users are provided with official technical support. Nevertheless, thanks to the great community of qualified developers, you’re able to find any solution on the Internet forums. Anyway, troubleshooting is guaranteed.

To Sum Up

Essentially, both Magento and AbleCommerce are great platforms for creating a robust online business. AbleCommerce suggests all the needed tools for peak efficiency but it can be applied mostly for development of small and medium-sized marketplaces.

Nevertheless, Magento seems to be superior in many aspects from functionality to users satisfaction. For example, it provides the more wide-ranging option of themes allowing you to create the site of your dream. That is why it is a great decision for large enterprises that can be easily extended in future due to the system’s scalability and flexibility.

So, evaluate your target, plans for the future and budget to make the right decision. Everything is up to you.

Alexandra Soloviova

Alexandra SoloviovaBusiness Development Manager

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