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Magento vs ATG


It’s time to compare two powerful and versatile online commercial softwares: Magento VS ATG. Find out more about the platforms’ functionality, pricing, features and other crucial details to pick an immaculate solution for your online store.


There are plenty of shopping cart options available for any need. But the merchants who are planning to extend and improve their online shop should consider more profound solutions like Magento or ATG. With these ones, it is possible to turn an ordinary marketplace into a profitable business with great sales capabilities. So let’s compare which platform is the best one: Magento VS ATG.

Programming LanguagePHPJava
FunctionalityOne of the best solutions among alternative platforms.Rich feature list
Pricing & Price Scheme Magento Commerce Starter (from $2,000 per month)

Magento Commerce Pro (from $3,417 per month)

  • Monthly payment  
  • Quote-based
By quote
  • One-time payment
  • Quote-based
Type of a ClientM/L sized companies

Magento is a good choice for virtually any business type.

Large corporations
SupportOnly Magento Enterprise users are provided with official technical support.

Magento Community Edition doesn’t include this service.

Knowledge base
Speed of Implementation 4-5 monthsMore than 10 months


Both platforms offer a great bunch of features to serve all your needs. Using Magento, you’re able to create notifications, coupons, and discounts to be ahead of the competitors. The feature list of the system is very extensive: customer groups, free shipping options, related products, up-sells and cross-sells, support for multiple languages and currencies, Web Services API for easy integration between Magento and third-party applications, etc.

It is worth noting that Magento is 100% search engine friendly which is extremely important for online store promotion and future development. Magento’s key difference among alternative software is in a breadth of functions for a relatively low cost.

ATG has enough functionality for building a well-performing online store, too. Provide personalized product information, increase customer loyalty with ongoing communications through social networks, enjoy leading merchandising applications and multiple deployment options to get more from your store. Different solutions and products made up of applications (Merchandising, Experience Manager, Service Center etc) are available to answer to versatile business requirements.

In addition, both Magento and ATG offer built-in tools for a multi-site creation. An excellent flexibility and efficiency enable to administer and display different stores.


Magento offers two enterprise pricing packages:

  • Magento Commerce Starter – from $2,000 per month.
  • Magento Commerce Pro – from $3,417 per month.

Also, you have a chance to start 30-day free trial to test the system. It is a common situation when merchants start with Magento Community Edition and, having tried the platform’s features and staying satisfied, pass to the paid Enterprise Edition. It means a lot.

Oracle ATG offers a license-based enterprise pricing scheme. To get more details, contact the company, discuss your ideas, and get a suitable quote. It should be noted that ATG provides higher prices than Magento.

Type of a Client

Magento is appropriate for middle and large-sized companies. It is used for developing an eye-catching and attractive marketplace, for example, Harper’s Bazaar, Rosetta Stone, Nike, Olympus, Vizio, Ford, Kidstuff.

Oracle ATG is considered to be a great solution for large-scale eCommerce web apps which strive to expand their online presence and connect digital and physical stores. Using this solution, you can implement fully functional web stores, social or commercial sites, and mobile applications. Virtually, it is designed for corporations with a great turnover like Fox Head Inc., Netshoes, Orange, Walmart, Agilent, Sascar, Banca Transilvania, Retail World AE, etc.

Both Magento and ATG cater to B2C and B2B selling modules.


If you have any questions related to ATG, go to My Oracle Support knowledge base website ( ). Search for solutions, download updates and find the needed information there.

Speaking of Magento, free Magento Community Edition doesn’t include support service. However, Magento Enterprise, the premium version, gives access to the official technical support. Anyway, the Internet is filled with forums where third-party developers have already written about familiar problems that you probably face with.

Speed of Implementation

For many merchants this criteria is paramount. According to the statistics, Magento websites take 4-5 months to get up and running. Speaking about ATG, it starts from 10 months and more, depending on the complexity level of the project. Therefore, Magento is much beneficial if you want to build a good marketplace faster.

To Sum Up

Choosing an appropriate platform depends on your target, budget and desired size of a store. One more time: Magento would be a great start for medium and large-sized companies, while Oracle ATG is designed for large corporations. However, Magento is cheaper than its competitor. Speaking about the speed of implementation, ATG websites are developed more slowly and heavily, and this fact stops many merchants.

Nevertheless, Magento is still more favored in eCommerce than ATG. The platform is proud of its excellent scalability, flexibility and a big community of qualified developers. But if you plan to launch a large-sized online business, ATG would be the perfect solution.

So, before making the final decision, consider the system’s functionality more thoroughly. Good luck!

Alexandra Soloviova

Alexandra SoloviovaBusiness Development Manager

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