Managed project

What is it?

This model is applied when you require development or technical support for your project without any management from your side. Your goal is obtaining a ready-made solution for a certain period of time.

We are doing full work with management and QA.
It is an ideal solution for the situation when you need to outsource fixed price project, or your store requires daily updates and support without management from your side.

When you need this

• When you want to create turnkey store or launch new eCommerce business

• Outsource daily support to Magento professionals

• Create new theme or extension for your Magento store

What you get


Ready-made solution within discussed timeline


All specialist that you need to be included in developer process (designer, QA, Magento developer, project manager)


Consultation & Help from Magento

How it works

We define goals, tasks and requirements for your store or for its expansion.

We are reliable for estimation, setting deadlines and creation of the tasks backlog.
We consult you and suggest optimal solutions to optimize your budget.

We are responsible for development which explains the reason why we ask your feedback on each integration. Moreover, we show you intermediate result to be able to coordinate the rest of the work promptly.

We remain to support newborn decisions, add new functional on request. We guarantee that we will correct mistakes for free if such exists.

Pricing models


Hourly Rates

Prepaid Packages

Prepaid Packages


• We take care of management and control  developer’s work

• You will receive ready-made solution within discussed timeline

• All specialist that you need to have successful solution included in developer process
(designer, QA, Magento developer, project manager)

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