Managed team

What is it?

You have to hire highly-qualified Magento developers, QA, project managers. Our company consists of already prepared specialists, we are highly specialized in Magento and well versed in eCommerce business. We can easily scale your staff or build it from scratch.

You can configure team for your needs. We provide dedicated developers, QA engineers, managers and marketing specialists for your projects or clients.
You can hire even one dedicated developer with a manager.

When you need this

• You are starting new business and want to hire quickly a staff that specializes in Magento

• You need to ramp up your team of Magento Developers

• You want to optimize costs and hire well experienced Magento developers without hiring local specialists

What you get


Up to 50% Cost Reduction


Faster allocation of magento developers


Easy hiring of validated magento professions without stress


Freedom from payroll, insurance, education, etc

How it works

Analysis of needs together with MageDirect. We will suggest candidates within 2 weeks.

We start up a trial period to try out your team and the cooperation in practice.

Together we interview and perform technical tests with selected candidates, and then move forward based on your choice.

Initiate a long-term engagement with your team. We will be ready to scale and make adjustments based on your needs.

Pricing models


Hourly Rates

Prepaid Packages

Prepaid Packages


Dedicated Specialist


• Lower hourly rate (management is not included in the price)

• You can hire quality staff that will fit your business needs

• We prepare for you special developers that have extensive experience with Magento

Direct Message

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