Сustom Marketing Automation

Custom marketing automation. It’s a thing!

Our company offers services in marketing automation and creating solutions specifically for your business. We have studied plenty of marketing automation tools and worked with different solutions for email marketing. Thus, we know that no matter how many ready-made solutions can exist, every business is unique and may need its own development for email marketing.

Our Team works with first open source marketing automation software – Mautic

We have chosen this platform due to many reasons:

  • It is a well-designed platform created using best practices in web development. Moreover, it can be as expanded as Magento
  • Thanks to well-planned architecture of this platform, we can develop solutions in relation to automation marketing tasks for any business

Why is it interesting?


  • You will have self-hosted marketing automation platform, and you will stay the only one who has access to datа
  • Working with us, you can easily adapt any of your business workflows and remain independent of limited decisions
  • You can add any new feature quickly – just ask us to develop a plugin for you, and you won’t ever be dependent on the functional
  • If you want to use Cloud – you can always migrate it to Mautic Cloud

Are you ready for something unique from us? We can offer you:

  • Loading data by email
  • Creation of leads in any way (for example, with abandoned baskets)
  • Customized communication chain for any event in the system
  • Integration Mautic with any platform, social network or system
  • Custom analytics and reports
  • Tracking mentions of your company in social networks and creation unique functions for these events
  • Other your ideas regarding automating marketing that you can not do



We will install Mautic for you in any environment using best practises, your Mautic installation will be secured and well-prepared for a big amount of data.

Magento Integration

Our team created custom extension for Magento that can be installed quickly and customized by your needs.

We can provide you with the synchronization of any custom attributes from Magento to Mautic, as well as the reverse synchronization of data from Mautic.

Plugin development

MageDirect is skilled at developing plugins for Mautic with any level of complexity. With the help of that, you can implement any of your ideas of any intricacy.  

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