10 steps to release, or what to do before pushing
a project to live

Regardless of how impatient your project manager is, how tight the project is and how much time remains before the release, how much you (or he/she) is confident in the rapid success of your future project, how bizarre and easily accessible the resources of your new project. You should never hurry before releasing the project to a large world of users.
You need to take a step back before you jump forward.

A step back to carefully assess the viability of your project (many of its aspects and nuances) at first may seem like a waste of your valuable time because you have already made a regression test 1001 times and the site is fully studied. And yet it must be done before launching the site in the release, Internet users do not like excuses.
Users do not care that your team was hurried and the developers sat until night just to finish the project on time.
And you have only one chance to make an excellent first impression on them. So stay calm … and check everything that is worth checking out!
Brief 10 points about which you should not forget in a chaotic mess, which often accompanies the launch of sites.

Verify the layout

Verify the layout and display of the site in different resolutions also check the work of the site in different browsers on the platforms Windows, iOS, Android after the last deploy.

Check links to social

Check links to social networks, so that all links lead to real site accounts. Also, check the references of the footer. In this part of the check, you need to make sure that all the links on the CNC website.

Check the HTTPS-certificate

It is necessary to check the semantics of the links, they must be human-understandable (CNC).

Check forms

Check the feedback input forms and submit the “About Us”, “Contact Us” format. Letters must come and match each form. In the admin panel, there should be actual email data.

Speed test

Test whether everything is OK with the speed of loading the site in different browsers on different operating systems. Check the behavior of the site on mobile devices in browsers (FF, IE, Safari, Chrome, Edge)

Video and site images should be easily downloaded on various devices.

Check cookies

When you restart, you must verify that cookies are compatible with authorized users. To avoid throwing users off the site.

Links to the test server

Check whether there are any links to the test server on the site. Check for errors 404, 403, 503 and so on – they should be understandable to people and search engines. The presence of a 301 – redirect on old or unnecessary links.

Test users and text

Make sure that there are no test users and test orders on the site, test mailboxes in the admin panel. Also, the content should not contain the text “Lorem Ipsum”, the text should be spelled and grammatically correctly composed.

Update cache

You need to make sure that the cache and indexes of the products are updated before the site is launched. Displays discounts and the current price list for products. This also includes checking the special price and prices for retail stores.

Choose the day for the deploy

Look at the calendar. Is it Friday? Look at the clock. Until the end of the working day 1 minute? If you are not a fan of thrills and you like to relax on the weekends, this is a great opportunity to go home and postpone the deploy on Monday.

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