10 Strong Marketing Tips For eCommerce Business

World of eCommerce business is considered to be very competitive nowadays, therefore merchants should constantly introduce new marketing tips. Online store improvement helps to increase user interaction and conversions significantly. We offer you to look through the list of innovative business ideas, which can make your store stand out from competitors. Consider the following recommendations and select the very best eCommerce tips and tricks for online business.

Become Popular In Social Networks

It’s impossible to imagine the modern world without social networks. Thus, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest are the popular platforms to create a store page and promote it. And this is one of the most profitable and creative marketing ideas.

On these pages, It’s vital to provide high-quality content, write interesting posts and please followers with captivating pictures of your production. Remember that it shouldn’t consist only of advertising posts. If you don’t know how to draw the audience’s attention, apply to a specialist who definitely knows how to work with social networks.

What benefits does a merchant get? When promoting a brand on different platforms with the right approach, more and more users will discover a store. If the content is enjoyable to read and look at, followers can share it, advertising your shop, too.

Come up with an idea to give a coupon to clients for social shares. Bonuses, discounts and special offers will hugely motivate them.

Host A Giveaway

The following marketing idea for eCommerce is related to the previous one as giveaways are usually hosted in social networks. Various competitions are held with a target to attract new customers and activate the old ones. Therefore, it’s a great eCommerce tip to let clients “fight” for a coupon for a purchase or a particular sale item.

Become a YouTube Star

Many world-known enterprises use video as a beneficial marketing strategy. It’s not only related to commercials or commodity reviews. Aesthetic and inspirational short movies, where certain products appear, are highly enjoyable. Actually, filmmaking is an art, so approach the goal seriously and highly creative.

Thus, if your online store sells materials for a handmade hobby, constructor kits, and other craft stuff, create a channel on YouTube with How-to Videos. This way, you can create the connection with consumers and show production at the same time.

Professional Customer Service

It is an obvious marketing tip that many online store owners forget about during developing their marketplaces. Due to the customer service level, buyers often evaluate a company as a complex organization. It makes the first impression, which can be positive or negative.

Let’s imagine three possible situations:

  • If a customer is not satisfied with the services provided, they will share the negative experience with friends. In the worse situation, a disappointed shopper will complain about your enterprise on the Internet, informing potential purchasers of your fails.
  • If a client is treated quite ordinary, most of all they won’t keep your shop in memory.
  • But in case you treat a visitor special and try to satisfy all the needs, they will estimate the site as a good one. Moreover, it might become one of their best places to shop online.

We suppose you would agree that it’s an amazing feeling when managers are glad to assist you and always are available via chat, email, or call. So, make your customer service team professional one as these guys are responsible for user satisfaction rate on the site.

Combine Online Trading & Blogging

Make your webshop more interesting with launching a blog. Fill it with captivating articles, related to your brand’s concept. For instance, stores selling women clothing can write on such topics as “The Best Cloth Trends of This Summer” or “Fashion Taboos of 2018“. Be sure to provide real value to readers. In addition, high-quality content is an important step when it comes to SEO optimization.

Share The Story Of Your Brand

Some purchasers navigate to “About” before placing an order. So, be sincere and straightforward when telling the story of your brand, its origin, and the carried out difficulties. To say the truth, people are in love with the sensitive texts which trigger emotions in their souls.

In addition, people really want to know something of a company they cooperate with. They will remember your mark for a long time.

Consider Creating Forums

Analyzing other marketing ideas for eCommerce, we can recommend creating forums to let buyers communicate and share their reviews on production. Therefore, shopping at electronics store, also customers have a chance to discuss different devices or ask for advice. So, visitors can easily interact on a website.

Surprise Your Customers

Looking for other eCommerce marketing tips, pay attention to an idea of sending gifts to clients. An occasion may be various: first purchase, the fifth ordering, birthday, Christmas, etc. Even a small gift would greatly delight your buyers.

Furthermore, in the age of emails and social networks, people forget what is getting the real letters, written by the real human’s hand. Of course, we don’t force merchants to sent long letters to clients, but adding a tiny card with a manual inscription “Thank You!” would create an amazing reputation for your business.

Loyal Customers Should Be Rewarded

It’s well-known that retaining regular customers is more important and valuable than attracting the new ones. Therefore, if there are people who are dedicated to your mark for ages, thank them for staying with you. Surprise them with a nice gift, bonuses, special offers, or offer free shipping. A loyal customer will appreciate your compliment.

Ask Customers For Reviews

Applying this marketing idea for eCommerce, merchants get the next benefits:

  • reviews from real people increase the trust of new users to your store;
  • due to sincere advice and inevitable negative feedback, you can improve the site’s performance and make the customer service professional.

But the question is how to make buyers leave feedback? Actually, everything is pretty easy. Just ask them about that in email or put a nice thanks card in a delivery package. Write such text as “We’ll be glad to get a review from you” on the card.

Bottom Line

As you understand, there are a lot of eCommerce marketing tips in the digital world, which can create a boost of traffic to the site. Although online business is highly competitive, there are always methods to get a store on the track of growth. So, select the very best eCommerce tips and tricks, described in the article, and make the place for yourself in the enterprise ecosystem.

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