11 most common mistakes in eСommerce that you
are making

Nowadays a number of online store owners still believe that they can just list as many goods as possible and it will increase the traffic. It is considered to be a big mistake which many people make. Moreover, eСommerce SEO is also a very complicated topic where everyone can put a foot wrong. So, in order to do everything right, you should be aware of 11 not very obvious problems that you might have missed out and the ways to solve them.

The absence of product reviews

First and foremost, a lot of people ignore it, thinking that it is more important to have an amazing page with high-quality content and first-class images. It is right but reviews from clients are also necessary because without them you can miss out on significant amounts of traffic. Furthermore, it can be very useful for SEO. The reason is that it not only improves the rating of your product in the search but also gives you the new content with the wording that your customers naturally use.

You may ask what I should do in this case. First of all, encourage your visitors to add reviews to your online store. But before it, you should do evaluating the product possible on the site by adding a field in which visitors can enter their comments. Of course, not all visitors want to write reviews, consequently, you may also offer them something for motivation, for instance, you can include reviews in your loyalty program.

Relying mostly only on the rating

Naturally, it is necessary to pay attention to the rating. However, the search rating should not be the only indicator of SEO success. Besides, a high rating not always means a great number of conversions or sales. Do not forget about keywords and methods that increase customer traffic.

For better understanding the e-commerce site you may look at the rating in combination with other factors such as revenue from organic non-branded traffic or changes in organic traffic.

Ignoring Google Analytics

Although Google Analytics is an extremely valuable resource for optimizing different websites many people avoid using it. This resource shows you what works and what doesn’t. With the help of Google Analytics, you may find out about such indexes as traffic sources, attendance, views, bounce rate, and length of stay. So, set up Google Analytics and use it while optimizing your site.

The existence of duplicate content

Duplicate content is a content of any kind which may also be found on other resources on the Internet. It doesn’t matter whether it is only a name or the whole description it will be excluded anyway by Google. As a consequence, it doesn’t further the sales.

In order not to have problems with it, you just need to create unique content for product pages. Optimizing the headlines and product descriptions is also a very effective method for receiving good traffic, increasing sales, and growing ROI.

The lack of convenient location of internal links

It is important to point out that internal links are good for both SEO and the convenience of using the online store structure. There are various ways how to make internal links location more comfortable. You can combine some products due to different features like related categories, compatible products, goods that other customers buy, accessories or goods of the same manufacturer.

The existence of spam

There is any use in spam links on your website because sooner or later will punish you for sending out spam. It is much better to find the right ways to place links. For instance, you may offer stories and articles related to your products and then you can find a blog and write about it with links to your store. Or you may find forums where people are already looking for your goods, but do not know where they can buy it.

Rejection of having your URL optimized

People also seem to ignore it not knowing that it prevents users to view information about the page. Optimized URLs consist of words which are understandable for people like product name, brand or manufacturer. Such URLs also attract the attention of people. That’s why the more optimized URLs of your products you have, the more customers you will have.

The unwillingness of using the services to analyze the site

Today there are a number of different website analysis services which play a really significant role in improving your website for both customers and potential buyers. With the help of it, you can receive the analysis of site usability, the growth of conversions, a heat map of clicks, and analysis of the prices of competitors.

The absence of a physical address on the site

Without having a physical address on your site you can skip some benefits from Google. For Google, the physical address is important because it proves the existence of your site in the real world. What is more, you may miss potential traffic from local searches that include your city and products. So, it is better for you to write the address on your website if you have one.

No mobile version

It is really bad if your store is not optimized for mobile devices because you lose a lot of potential visitors and customers. Moreover, don’t expect from Google recommendations of your page.

What to do? You should create a separate URL for a site which is optimized for mobile devices. So, you have a second version of the website, which is configured specifically for mobile content.

Too large images

Naturally, you should have qualitative and optimized images but not too large. The matter is that if the image has the very big size the page load time will be very slow. And then it can affect badly the ranking because Google pays special attention to the speed of page loading. As a result, potential customers can just leave your page without waiting for loading. That’s why it is better for you to know that the size of your images shouldn’t be larger than 100 KB. But don’t worry there are many methods of how to change the size of your images. To them belong Adobe Photoshop («Save for Web & Devices») or Simple Image Optimizer.

To sum it up, if you want that your website will be popular and will be ranked positively by Google you should improve the user experience by making your site more convenient and useful for customers.

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