8 unicorns eCommerce marketers are still believing in

Nowadays it seems easy to start your own online business because there are a number of tips and life hacks on the Internet. You need just to surf the web and stick to what says here. Many people think the same way but it is not right. In order to manage your online business successfully, you should differentiate what is the truth and what is the myth. So, we introduce to you the most common unicorns which you shouldn’t believe in any way.

Popups are not useful

Of course, it sounds true because if popups are shown to the person who is not interested in it and at inappropriate times it brings a lot of harm. But when you do it right you can increase the number of subscribers and conversions.

Just set up email automation and forget
about it

Naturally, it is useful to have email automation but when it performs wrong namely when these emails don’t bring any use it has no sense. It can even lead to bad effects on your email marketing ROI. That’s why you shouldn’t just set and forget about emails. After automating an email campaign, you have to track the main metrics, such as open, click-through, and conversion rates. You need it for understanding how successful are the campaigns and get rid of unsuccessful ones.

Product descriptions can increase conversion

It is true, but partially. Without any doubts, product descriptions are significant for conversion, but it along doesn’t play any role. It means that such a description should not only contain the information about peculiarities and exterior, but also powerful reasons, which encourage a client to buy this item. Moreover, an emotional component is important in this case.

Attract users, but don’t worry about retaining them

The attraction of new clients doesn’t mean the growth of your eCommerce business. Anyway, many entrepreneurs continue spending more money on acquisition than on retention. But keeping users is so or even more important than attracting random new ones. It is the biggest mistake of many companies which doesn’t allow them to become more successful.

Only a letter about an abandoned cart for restoring

Generally speaking, you can return the buyer this way but you will achieve more in case you develop a full-scale strategy for working with abandoned shopping carts.

Basic segmentation is enough for improving conversion

It is a wrong opinion because it is not enough only to segment the audience by such basic metrics as sex, age, and geolocation. You need to do the segmentation more thoroughly, for example, to pay attention to the shopping carts of the audience and divide this audience into smaller groups due to it. With the help of such segmentation, you have more chances to increase the sales sending messages to specific groups of users.

More subscribers of mail-out will increase conversion

But have you ever thought about how much money you spend on mail-out? And very often you just waste money because many emails can be sent either to people who are not interested in it or who have changed their email address. That’s why it is very important to detect such subscribers and get rid of them. Consequently, it will lead to saving your budget and increasing your efficiency.

Offering discounts on abandoned carts is always useful

Yes, but when your only aim is to bring back to life the abandoned shopping carts. In other cases, it is not a very well-targeted decision. Because first of all, users can discover it and then always leave full shopping carts in order to get their discounts and spare money.

All in all, don’t waste your money and precious time. Remember about these eight fairy tales e-commerce marketers are still believing in and be wiser. Experiment with various tactics and only then and there you will increase your conversion.

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