9 main principles about how to increase
the social media presence

Nowadays there are many social media networks the most popular of which are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Without any doubt, you need a great social media presence to grow. For every eCommerce business gaining social media recognition is very important because it is a good way to attract new customers and then create a good interaction with them. That’s why you should create a working strategy for it. And we are here to help you. This list of 9 main principles about how to increase the social media presence will be a good piece of advice for you.

Show that you are human

It means that you should interact with the audience on all your accounts as often as you can. But it is not enough just to throw up links to your articles. It is better to have a real communication. In that way, you will show that your company is transparent and values its customers. By the way, joke with your followers and talk with them like with your friends. People like and it expect from many companies, so you will have better chances to gain their trust and arouse an impulse to visit your website.

Define who your audience is

It is necessary to understand who belong to your followers and what can be interested for them. You will show them that you know and worry about their needs. Consequently, they will be brought to your site and become your clients. Moreover, you should do a big research about where your customers hang out the most often and on these social media networks create accounts. There are different ways how to do it, for example, you may ask your customers either trivia questions or offer them to finish a survey connected with it. What is more, you can also analyze on which social media networks your competitors have accounts.

Plan everything and set goals

You should plan everything beginning from what posts to create and ending with how often post them if you want to benefit from sharing posts. Furthermore, you ought to know where it is the most useful for you to create accounts and how this or that platform works. As for setting goals, it is also very significant because with it you will reach success quicker.

Set a good interaction

Don’t forget to communicate with your customers. Always answer their questions and reply to their comments. What is more, when people mention you in posts, it is very good and you should certainly give a response to it. It is important for you to create a high-level customer service.

Remember about social media optimization

Looking for keywords which are connected with your industry can be a tedious and time-consuming process but it is worthwhile. If your website is well-optimized your traffic will certainly increase. So, what you should do: find the keywords which go with your eCommerce business with the help of various search engines, use them in your posts and hashtags and create HD imagery that will also help you to optimize the website.

Include valuable content in your posts

While preparing your posts you should pay attention to their content – whether it can be useful and valuable for your followers because if it is not interesting or will not help people they will unsubscribe from you. But note, your content should consist not only of promotions of your products but also of some general news and facts about your industry. It is also good when you add amazing videos and images. It will surely make people read your posts and follow your account.

Make up games

In order to make people engage in everything that happens in your account, you can create games. It will bring you more likes and then a better traffic. You may also offer your followers to take part in contests or sweepstakes. They will share the information about your account and company and thus you will get new clients.

Your social presence should be promoted everywhere

Everyone should easily find your accounts in social media. That’s why it is necessary to promote it where you can. People will see that you interact with your customers and will be able to read reviews.

Try to stay always active

Writing new posts is needed when you don’t want to lose your followers. Your account should be regularly updated. If you don’t have enough time for it scheduling posts in advance is a great solution for you.

All in all, use our methods and gain social media recognition for your eCommerce business.

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