Guidance On How To Clear Magento Cache Easily

Looking for the right way to clear Magento 2 cache? MageDirect team is here to assist our curious readers! So, in this Magento tutorial for beginners, we strive to clarify what is cache and why you should remove it. Stay with us to get more basic knowledge needed for Magento CMS.

What does it mean?

In order not to burden our readers with complicated technical information, we will explain what is Magento 2 cache. So, you must have noticed that some pages load much longer than the ones you have already visited. Especially, you can ensure in such pattern with a poor Internet connection. Cache is responsible for this action.

In simple terms, caching is the process of storing data needed for quick access. Thus, when you go to the site a second time, information is not requested again, since it is already stored in memory. This allows visitors to load pages much faster.

Therefore, to guarantee the user’s satisfaction, an online store forms pages, saving them loaded on the server. And Magento cache management is about it.

Why Does It Need To Be Refreshed?

Actually, there is no need to clear Magento cache regularly but you should do it after any changes on the cached pages. For instance, it is required if you create new features, change the design, or configure some elements.

In such cases, you have to refresh cache so that the site could create new, updated cache. Otherwise, users will receive old cached pages instead of the updates you have made.

4-step Magento 2 lesson

1. Having logged into Magento 2 admin dashboard, navigate to System and pick Cache Management, located in Tools paragraph. 

2. Then you have to Select all cache type (just put a tick), select Refresh and click Submit, as it’s shown on a screen. 

3. Having refreshed it, Select all cache type again and put Disable in the Action Box. Click Submit to complete.

4. At this step, choose the next items, shown on a screen. Do it one by one.

So, Magento clear cache is completed successfully! We hope this guidance, written in an easy manner, helped you to grasp more merchant’s knowledge. In case you strive to get more interesting facts about this CMS or read some articles on eCommerce in general, we would be happy to see you on MageDirect website!

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