How to increase sales with the help of videos?

Nowadays it is difficult to find someone who works in e-commerce and is not interested in the question «How to increase sales?». Of course, there are different variants for growing profits online but one of the easiest is connected with video marketing. It is not said in vain that it is better to see once than to hear one hundred times. That’s why a marketing video can be an effective tool for your online business.

What are the steps for creating perfect video marketing?

First of all, you should decide what video is necessary for you. It means that such a marketing video will help increase brand loyalty, its recognition, the desire to buy goods and to use the service.

The next step lies in making your video quality. Moreover, it should be without water and high-pressure selling content. The things which you should pay a special attention to are its title and front cover. As for a title, it is better to use here an active verb. A front cover should be eye-catching in order to make people interested in watching your marketing video. As usual, it is recommended to reduce the duration of the clip to two minutes. There is one twist which is often used in texts but can be also used in videos. It is the usage of the word «imagine». Many specialists say that this word is hypnotic and will certainly force the user to imagine himself the owner of your product.

After it, it is important to know where this video is best placed so that the spectators become the clients. You can do it by placing the marketing video in a convenient place for viewing. Consequently, there will be no need for your users to search for it for a long time.

The best variants of placing your marketing video

There are different variants of how to place your marketing video in such a way that people will watch it and will immediately become interested in your products or services. So, the most appropriate ways are:

  • actually on the site;
  • include it in the content plan and regularly post it in social media networks;
  • in the category or on the product page;
  • in the appendage to the description of the goods and its characteristics;
  • on your YouTube channel;
  • in the email-list (as an additional content of the letter).

You just need either to choose some of them or use all of them if you want to make your video marketing really effective.

The examples of marketing videos which can awaken a great interest in spectators

Before and After


To start with, the most widespread example of marketing video in the beauty industry, fitness, and healthy eating is called «Before and After». It is a great way both to sell, and attract the attention of your audience. Here you show how a person can change himself or herself with the help of your product.



Such a method is also very common in video marketing. It helps introduce the user to the product or service. It should be done briefly, on business and without beautiful words. In this marketing video, it is better to include such information as facts, figure, and advantages. At the same time, the atmosphere should be advantageously transmitted.



This example is well-known to you because many people use it in Instagram while selling different goods. This marketing video plays the role of a sales consultant, showing all the product features. Moreover, you can also show here the process of work and creating goods. As a result, the respect and trust of customers grow because you demonstrate them in such a video the level of professionalism, craftsmanship, technology, and quality.



In the marketing video of such type, you show your expert status. Consequently, useful content does not sell directly but is really effective. However, you shouldn’t confuse the review with advertising. If you make a review you should talk about the advantages, disadvantages and how to choose a needed product.

How to do it right?


There is no need in this marketing video to use a lot of terms or professional slang. It should be easy and understandable for everyone. Thanks to how-to-video, you can trigger the trust and disposition of a person. In addition, they are used when you need to give long and detailed instructions. Furthermore, you can give your customers useful tips and advice on using the product, for instance, how to wear, how to combine, how to apply, how to pack and store it.



And the last example of marketing videos is related to comments of the users. It goes without saying that feedbacks raise the level of trust to you, to the brand, product or service. So, encourage your clients to leave comments in video form, combine them and use for video marketing.

All in all, having read our article you made sure that a marketing video can help you increase sales. You should just make efforts and create an amazing video which will show your product in the best light.

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