How to Install Magento 2 Extension: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Despite the fact that Magento is a future-rich platform, online store owners still strive to enhance the functionality of their eCommerce business with numerous extensions. But many merchants get confused when it comes to dealing with the platform themselves. So, in order to ease the newbies’ routine, MageDirect team provides the step-by-step guidance on how to install Magento 2 extension. Let’s get started!

The Very First Steps

1. Open the Magento Marketplace website and log in. If you don’t have an account, register a new one.

2. Browse different extensions, which are carefully divided into categories on the site. Select the solution you want, place an order, and pay for if it’s not free. After this, tap Install as it is shown on the screen. In case you need more information according to the order, check your email because the system has already sent the details.

3. Then you get a page where you can create a new access key. To do this, click the orange button. 

4. Write something in this space, for example, the name of your online store. 

5. Your access keys are here. Leave the tab opened as you will need it in Step 3.

Follow the Instruction:

1. To start with, you have to login into your Magento 2 admin panel as a user with full administrator rights. Then navigate to System > Web Setup Wizard located on the Admin sidebar.

2. Pick Extension Manager task from four available blocks.

3.  Sign in into your Magento Marketplace Account using the access keys we’ve prepared previously. Synchronize the extension(s). Then click on Extensions Ready to Install.


4. There you got the above-mentioned solution(s). Tap install in the Action column.

5. Now the system has to check all of the necessary components required to install the option in Magento 2. Click on the Start Readiness Check button.

6. When the process is successfully finished, go to the next task.

7. Then you create a backup.

8. If the task is performed successfully, go to the last one.

9. Now the component is ready to install.


When the Magento 2 extension is installed, you’ll receive a confirmation. Congratulations: the procedure is successfully completed.   

To Sum Up

Magento has considerable advantages in comparison with alternative CMS. One of the platform’s virtues is an impressive amount of extensions and plugins, which add extra functions to the marketplace. Thanks to Magento certified developers and third-party organizations, merchants have a chance to enhance the functionality easily.

So, as you see, if you want to install Magento 2 extension from Magento Marketplace, it is not so complicated as it seems to be. Just follow the instruction described above to perform the task without troubles. MageDirect Team is always ready to consult with installing in case you need a help. Good luck!

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