How to optimize images in Magento

Magento images optimization is highly important. Especially, when a lot of information is adding into the website, and the site manager forgets to carefully check the size of the picture.

Also, when developers are working on a site, they can forget that a large number of pictures can be conveniently combined into sprites.

Frequent issues

  1. Images from the Magento theme are not combined into sprites
  2. Load large images that are not optimized
  3. Pictures have much more width and height than required inside the container, where they are wetted.

Why these problems must be solved with a Magento images optimization:

  1. Site load speed improves conversion
  2. The speed of the site increases the SEO ranking

How to do

If your question is “How to optimize images in Magento”, you can investigate the best practices in the image optimization process in Magento.

What can you do locally on your computer

  • Before uploading the image to your website, you need to compress them. The easiest option is to choose a compressed option in Photoshop.
  • If you have a lot of pictures, you can use the following services:

What can you do on the site and server side

  • Install programs to optimize the image. Commands:
    • apt-get install optipng
    • apt-get install jpegoptim
    • apt-get install gifsicle
  • Recursive optimize of images

  • Install modules for Magento


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